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Game Details

Prototype Cheats for Xbox 360

Prototype Xbox 360
Genre Action
Platform Xbox 360
No. of Players 1
ESRB esrb m

Prototype Unlockables


In order to get the game points you will have to successfully finish the below mentioned achievements. Once done successfully you will be able to unlock them


How to Unlock

Brain Trust (20 GP)
You will have to successfully finish all of the Consume Events.
Au (40 GP)
Acquire the rating of atleast Gold or even better in every Event.
Cleanup (10 GP)
You will have to finishl 15 game characters with one single powerful WhipFist attack.
Half -Truths (10 GP)
In order to unlock this you will have to Finish the mission/task successfully without even raising any military alert.
Endless Hunger (10 GP)
To increase your strength and health you will have to consume 200 game characters.
Evolutionary Step (10 GP)
Get into the Upgrade Menu and navigate to Upgrade options, it shall upgrade you.
Gunning (10 GP)
To unlock this you will have to hunt down 20 helicopters, make sure you do it in a single flight.
Hard To Kill (60 GP)
In order to unlock this successfully finish the Story Mode, it can be done in any difficulty , just make sure your character don�t die.
In Plain Sight (10 GP)
Slip away 10 strike teams.
Mankind Is Your Mask (40 GP)
Successfully finish 3 missions without causing any Army Alert.
In The Web (20 GP)
In order to unlock this you will have to Consume all (50)Web Targets.
Infiltrator (20 GP)
You will have to attack and infiltrate into 10 Army Bases, make sure you are disguised as the commander.
It's Him! (10 GP)
Swindle 5 military personnels.
Misconception (20 GP)
You will have to Demolish 25 Infected Water Towers before they make a hole in wall or towers.
Repossession (10 GP)
Get hold of 50 enemy vehicles by force..
Nice Guy (40 GP)
Successfully finish the game while consuming atleast 10 Civilians or lesser.
Polymath (40 GP)
In New York City there are a lot of Hints and tips scattered which you will have to secure or gather.
Pt (60 GP)
You will have to acquire the Platinum Medal in all of the Events for Pt 60.
Return Fire (10 GP)
Get any item tossed by the Hydra; and the just throw it back.
Revenge Revisited (60 GP)
You can get this by successfully completing the Story Mode on the hard difficulty.
Speed Bumps (20 GP)
Get into the tank and run over 500 of game characters in that same tank.
Self-Deception (20 GP)
For this you will have to dig out what happened to Alex Mercer via Web of Intrigue.
SME (20 GP)
Get the ability to fly & drive all vehicles.
Streetwise (50 GP)
Get into the Newyork city and gather all Landmark collectibles which are scattered randomly.
Surface-To-Air (10 GP)
While you are in the armor and driving, hunt down 50 helicopters.
The Cleaner (20 GP)
Demolish 10 Infected Hives or Army Bases with in the New York City.
The Butcher (30 GP)
Show some speed and finish 50 characters in just 5 seconds.
The First Thread (10 GP)
Web of Intrigue need to be Unlocked.
Threat Elevated (20 GP)
Demolish the 25 strike teams.
Wrecking Yard (20 GP)
Demolish 2,000 vehicles.
Trail Of Corpses (30 GP)
Finish off all 53,596 infections.
Unnatural Selection (40 GP)
Get hold of all possible upgrades.
Web Of Knowledge (60 GP)
Get hold of every single node of the Web of Intrigue.

Prototype Trailer

Tough Mode

Just successfully complete the game in the normal mode and it shall unlock the harder mode. The case is same for all of Protoype games on several consoles and systems.

Easy Thermobaric Tank

First you must unlock the Finish off the Event named "Rolling Thunder," it shows up in between the Lower East Side and East Village Note: it is 1 block away from the East coast. Locate Thermobaric Tank next to the event and dive into it and it shall trigger the Event, however, you can always jump out of it right before the Event starts. If done correctly you will be able to get hands on a free tank. Remember: If you use your tank to demolish the Base or the Hive it will disappear but you can get it back at the Event point.

New Game+

Just replay your story mode with all of upgrades & powers which have already been acquired.

Unlock Radical/Platinum Events

These are two tough events which you can unlock by earning gold in all of the events, the radical events are very tough.

Achievement: Easy (The Cleaner)

In order to get this achievement you would need to demolish infected hives or 10 army bases. You would be better off by picking the Hives as these would be partially damaged by the army, so when you reach there it will be easier for you to totally destro them. Get a hold of an army tank and demolish it, all the destructions of hives you have made shall be counted.

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