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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Cheats for Xbox

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Xbox
Genre RPG
Platform Xbox
No. of Players 1
ESRB esrb t

Unlock Cheat Node
The Cheat Node is a menu that can be accessed in the backrooms of the JekkJekk Tar tunnels. Much like the galaxy droid from the original game, there are interesting features in this hidden menu. Some of them skip you ahead in the area, such as Skip to final final sequence, while others seemingly do nothing, such as Delete Mira.

To access the Cheat Node, you need to climb out of the pit after defeating your opponent (Mira or Hanharr). Go through the door that leads out of the pit, after defeating the Ubese, then take the left most door. There is another door straight ahead of this where the Node is. Upon entering this room, defeating the 3 Ubese, and immediately after you defeat the last Ubese, you need to move your character to the wall directly opposite of the door and keep moving towards it.

If done correctly, your targeting reticule will go blue and select the wall for a split second. Hit A immediately. You are now in conversation mode with a Ubese who is beh ind the wall in the room with the Exit. You are now able to access the Cheat Node.

Cheat: Change Voices
Add a controller to the fourth port and press BLACK or WHITE to raise and lower their voice.

Cheat: Unlimited Dark Side Points
At one point during the Czerka/Ithorian Conflict on Telos, a band of Mercenaries attack the Ithorian Complex. You receive a call from Mozo, who is holed up in the vivarium. When you come to his rescue and wipe out the Mercenaries, he thanks you and offers you a keycard. Ask for a reward, and when he offers you none, leave him to fend for himself, and then say "Better you than me". You will receive dark side points. The best part is, you can keep repeating this over and over again for as long as you want for unlimited dark side points!

Cheat: Handmaiden Robes
Whenever the Handmaiden teaches you more fighting moves, you both remove the clothes or armor you are wearing. After you fight, she does not put her clothes back on herself. Instead of going to the Equip screen and reequipping her with her robes; put clothes on yourself and talk to her and tell her that she should put some clothes on. She will then put on her robes and when you check the inventory, youll find you have more than one. This works every time you have the conversation with her. No one else can equip the robes, but they do bring in a couple thousand credits for each. They can also be broken down into components.

Cheat: Light Side points
On the secret Jedi base on Telos, you can speak to the handmaiden repeatedly to gain infinite light side points.

Cheat: Infinite Experience
On Narshadaa there is a speeder that needs to be repaired. Get the navigation interface from the droid vendor or shop and install one part. Choose to repair the speeder and it will give you the experience and the part back. Repeat this to gain infinite experience.

Cheat: Easily Win Swoop Race
This works in every swoop race except for the one on Nar Shadaa. Purposely direct your swoop craft into a striped barrier. Just before you hit the wall hit the START button. This will bring up an option to forfeit the race. Hit A and the swoop will drift forward a bit until it hits the wall. Your race time will be whatever time was displayed when you crashed.

Cheat: Duplicate Lightsaber
To duplicate a lightsaber use a work bench and update a Jedi companion’s lighsaber. Change the color crystals (needed to work) and assemble. Select the same saber and click color crystal again but don’t change, on the screen that shows all the color crystals press X. you should now have two of the same light sabers in your inventory. Save and reload so the game doesn’t glitch and restart.

Cheat: Super Lightsaber
You can have three crystals in one saber. For this to work you need 2 of the same crystal. Remove all of the power crystals from your saber and assemble. Now place a good crystal in the bottom slot. Exit the work bench after you assemble. Reenter the work bench and on the saber put the same crystal in top as you did in the bottom and assemble. Now don’t exit the workbench but go back into the saber assembly and there should be a free spot on the bottom. Now you have 3 crystals in your saber. Save and reload so it doesn’t glitch.

Unlockable: Secret Compartment on Ebon Hawk
Ask the "Original owner" of the Ebon Hawk (Nar Shaadda) for proof of ownership of the Ebon Hawk and he will rattle off Ebon Hawk facts including the location of 2 secret compartments. They can’t be found unless you do this. Sadly the smugglers compartment was removed. But one secret compartment remains in the starboard side. Be "nice" to the chap.

Unlockable: Ultima Pearl
Upon the participation of the invasion/defense of Onderon Palace, you will find a terminal with (3) numerical riddles which only have a one shot chance. You fail, it is locked permanently.
The codes are: 1)66 2)45 3)39
Inside this locked room is a rare item called the Ultima Pearl. It is a rare light saber crystal that contains stats: Damage +2, Attack +3, and Mass Criticals 1-6.

Unlockable: Mira and the Force
Later in the game after you have high influence with Mira (after Nar Shaada) there are a new line of questions that appear. Eventually a topic will come about Kreia telling you about the forces Nar Shaada posses. At one time in front of the cantina/pazakk entrance a split screen appeared and she spoke of the forces around you. Speak to Mira after gaining high influence over her and the option to show here the force of Nar Shaada will become available. Tell her you will take her to the spot where Kreia showed you earlier and then take her to the spot. Another split screen will appear without you bringing up a dialogue box.

Hint: Unlimited Experience
In the Sith tomb inside the Shyrack cave on Korriban there is room that contains the body of a dead Jedi. Every time you search the body a pair of Hssiss appears in the room. Keep searching and killing to level up as much as you want. The death field power speeds things up and keeps you healthy in the process.

Hint: Nar Shadah Lock Code
On Nar Shadah there is a locking mechanism that youll need to get past in order to save one of your characters.

You must make the top code match the bottom code to proceed. Simply pick Rotate middle set counter-clockwise, Rotate left set counter-clockwise, Rotate right set clockwise.

Hint: Persuade Handmaiden to Become Jedi
You need to have a high influence with Handmaiden & have completed training with her. This is done after finishing on Nar Shadda as the third or fourth planet. Find out that her mother was a Jedi from Kreia. After a long talk with the Handmaiden you have the option to train her in the force. If you agree to train her, you will get a nice cut-screen.

Hint: Bao-Dur Uses the Force
Once you have a high influence with Bao-Dur a new line of questions opens up. This only happens once so pay attention. He will tell you that traveling with you has had an effect on him. After this an offer to train him appears and if you both have the same alignment he agrees.

Hint: Mandalorian Battle Circle
If you are have difficulty defeating the more advanced fighters on Dxun, simply cast the force powers you want to use during the fight right before you talk to the Mandalorian Sergeant. Once you do that, speak with him and tell him you want to fight, after this you can enter a fight already having the effects of your force powers, without being disqualified.

Hint: Beat Master Vrook
On Dantooine, youll have to face Master Vrook if youve chosen the dark path. He continuously uses the defensive force stance and heals himself almost every time you attack him. The easiest way to beat him is to cast whatever level of Jedi speed you have training in, run to the back of the room behind either tree, and hide. This will allow you time to heal if youve run low of health or force points. Get Vrook to follow you behind one of the trees and loose him there, so he stays back behind the tree and you end up in the open room. While hes behind the tree plant a lot of mines in the path between you and Vrook. Get his attention and make sure he takes a direct path to you through the mines. Vrook hits the mines like a crazed bantha getting zapped with a Ghed stun stick and poof - ends up parts and pieces everywhere.

HInt: Handmaiden Handiness
After you have sparred with Handmaiden, she will be wearing only underwear. When you talk her into putting something on, she uses her mothers robes. Whenever, you leave the Ebon hawk with her, Take the robes off and leave her without clothes. Return to the Ebon Hawk and talk her into wearing the robes again. When you leave the Hawk one more time, remove the robes again. You will see that there are two in your inventory list instead of one. You can do this as many times as you want. They can sell for 1800 credits each and break down for 200 parts when creating other items.

Hint: Sure-Fire Silver Lightsaber
On Nar Shadaa there are two merchants, Geeda and Oondar. If you talk to Oondar he will complain about a Not-male Rodian. Ask him why there is no line and he will tell you about Geeda after that, choose the dialogue option about her. If you help him he will give you a discount.

Proceed to speak to Geeda about Oondar and she will give you a discount. Talk to Oondar again and he will threaten you. Tell Geeda about the deal, and she will say you have to choose between Oondar or herself. Side with Geeda and ask about opening trade routes. She will tell you that she can trade with Dantooine and Onderon if you resolve the situiations on them.

Complete Dantooine then talk to her about opening trade routes then about Dantooine. She will have more items to sell, including a Silver Lightsaber.

Hint: Pimp The Handmaiden (Infinite Credits)
You can do this glitch only on the Ebon Hawk and if you have access with Hand Maiden.

1: Spar with Handmaiden.
2: Finish and put some clothes on your character.
3: Talk to Handmaiden and choose the dialogue "Do you think you could put some clothes on?". Reply with "I disagree."
4: Exit the conversation and take her robe off. (You can switch between any characters in the menu with BLACK).
5: Repeat until bored, then sell each robe for 2200 credits.


I was using the Pimp the Handmaiden exploit wherein you ask her to put on some clothes, disagree, and exit; take off the Jedi robes and I found some kind of overflow error.

I had not "leveled-up" the handmaiden or equipped any sort of weapon, armor, accessories on her. I had acquired 10-15 sets of the "Handmaiden robes". I had left her with no robes on. I went to the workbench on Ebon Hawk. No glitch found. I got another 10-15 robes, again using the "pimp-the-handmaiden cheat". I went back to Telos, to the vendor in the entertainment module where I had completed the "smugglers sidequests". I then attempted to sell the "handmaiden robes" & found to my surprise I had, in my inventory, 3-5 sets of 99 Handmaiden Robes. They sold for 2,600 each. I sold all but one set. I walked ten feet to the workbench in the same room. I selected the "create/breakdown items" and also found I had sets of 99 handmaiden robes (I had one full set of 99 left). I broke them down for 120 components each. I left one set of one handmaiden robes in my inventory.

Current Position: I spent about an hour or so going back to the Ebon Hawk (now on Telos) and repeating (each time getting like 10-15 handmaiden robes). This cheat has worked repeatedly. I have sold the vendor over 1000 of these robes and another 99 in his regular inventory. I have broken down 300+ robes at the workbench. I now have over 3 MILLION credits and many thousands of components. This took about 5 or 6 trips with 10-15 handmaiden robes. I am playing a Counselor, level 12, just finished Telos, havent gone anywhere else, trained with the Handmaiden once (kicked her butt). Beat all the Handmaidens in the Hidden Jedi Academy on Telos. Started out darkside, switched to lightside (so I change change Bao-Dur, et al., to Jedis, am planning switch back to darkside because Im a counsular-duh.)

Although I have not tried other vendors, it did not work on the workbench in the Ebon Hawk. I have not tried in other play throughs. The cool thing is I have all the credits and components to buy or make whatever I want throughout the rest of the game.

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