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Halo 2 Cheats for Xbox

Halo 2 Xbox
Genre Shooter
Platform Xbox
No. of Players 4 splitscreen / 16 online
ESRB esrb m


With the Covenant weapon dubbed "Halo" destroyed, youd think that the universe might be safe. Think again.

Theres no rest for the Master Chief, and again youll escort your Marines around the galaxy in an effort to squelch the Covenants retaliatory attacks. This time around, Master Chief is equipped with new armor and new abilities, opening fresh facets of gameplay that require mastering. Basic Training: All the tips you need to get you on your feet, including strategies to defeating all basic enemy types. Weapons: Not all weapons are alike, and we break down em down to basics with details on every weapon, and a chart that shows which weapons are best for every situation—vital to multiplayer strategy. Campaign Walkthrough: Every one of Halo 2s campaign missions detailed with all the information you need to get through unscathed. Multiplayer: Weve got general sweeping strategies to optimize your game, along with level-specific tips, including hidden sniping spots and the locations of the best weapons.

Unlockable: Foundation Multilplayer Map (w/ Glitch)
Unlock the hidden Foundation level in Halo 2 multi-player by completing the single player campaign on any difficulty. Due to a serious glitch in the game (and one that will not be corrected), you will need to do the following to unlock the Foundation map for a specific profile: Start a co-op game with a profile with access to the last episode (The Great Journey) and a completely fresh profile (i.e., one that has not even started the campaign game).

Fight to through the last episode until the players need to board Banshees to progress.

Have the new profile player perform a barrel roll (both directions) and a Loop-the-loop (stick down and A button).

Complete the game as usual and the new profile will have access to the Foundation Map. Since profiles may be renamed, you can delete your old profile and rename your new profile w/ the new map.

Cheat: Grunt B-Day Skull
Difficulty: Legendary
Level: The Arbiter
Word: Grunt Birthday Party
Effect: Shoot enemy in the head and they will explode.
The very first time you get a banshee, fly down, below you is a large beamlike structure (not to be confused with the one directly below you that turns and goes vertical) running from the arm of the station you just came out of to one exactly like it on the side opposite. Below this structure are 3 cylinders hanging down, with cylinders of light shooting out of the bottom that look like they are what keeps the station floating. If my explanation is too vague, they are the absolute lowest parts of the station. Now go to the middle engine and land on the top part of it. This and the other engines connect to the large structure mentioned earlier. The tops of the engines come up to meet the structure at an angle, where this angle is under the connecting structure and coming up to meet it, there is a place to walk (like being under a bridge). Under one side you will see the six grunts with the skull in the middle.

Cheat: Iron Skull
Difficulty: Legendary
Level: High Charity
Word: Iron
Effect: Allies are immune to melee attacks
On the final grav-lift on "high Charity", look up. A skull will pass you by. Hold X as it passes you to receive the status.

Cheat: Catch Skull
Difficulty: Legendary
Level: Metropolis
Word: Catch
Effect: Allies throw alot of plasma grenades.
Right after you get out of the sewers(Tunnel), there is a big area and 2 ghosts, kill every thing first, then go to the middle of it where you see a arc that leads up onto a building, grenade jump by it to get enough height to start climbing it. When you get to the top take a left and hug the wall around the structure and the skull will be there.

Cheat: Assassins Skull
Difficulty: Legendary
Level: Regret
Word: Assassins
Effect: All enemies in game are permanently cloaked, AI cannot see them and so are no help at all.
Just after you get off the gondola, and go in the structure, there is a big block of stone, jump on that an you can get on a ledge that leads out to the Covenant turrets, facing back towards the structure, jump up another level around the right side of the structure, It is pretty straight lined from here. You should find the Skull on a ledge when you make it around. No visible change to the HUD, BUT all enemies become invisible.

Cheat: Envy skull
Difficulty: Legendary
Level: Delta Halo
Word: Envy
Effect: Cloak instead of Flashlight, 5 second cloak with 10 second recharge
When you first come out of the big building and see the turret and 5/6 shield up on the wall there is a wall over to the left hand side with the two grunt turrets on it, the big block and door are at the far end of that wall... In the room that the block is blocking there are two dead grunts and two plasma swords. Theres a door being blocked by a rock. Jump on the rock. Then jump on the ledge thats located above the blocked doorway. Turn left and jump up on another ledge. Grenade jump up to where youll find Two Red Elites - That become cloaked, surrounding a skull. Pick it up, and it reads Envy.

Cheat: Anger Skull
Difficulty: Legendary Level: Gravemind Word: Anger Effect: ??????? Here is another Halo 2 skull: Fight all the way through the Covenant city until you reach the outdoors. As soon as you are outside, stick to the right-hand side and walk along the wall. You should see a Covenant wall thingy with a red rail on it. Jump up to it (crouch jump helps) and at the end there is the Anger skull in a small grav-lift.

Cheat: Famine Skull
Difficulty: Legendary
Level: Oracle
Word: famine
Effect: Weapons picked up only have half ammo.
After getting off the long elevator ride, you will come to a room where convent and flood are fighting below you, and you have to break the glass to get to where they are fighting. If you crouch/grenade jump up on the opposite side of where you came down, the skull should be up there.

Cheat: Black Eye Skull
Difficulty: Legendary
Level: Great Journey
Word: Black Eye
Effect: Shield won’t regenerate, when you melee someone you get energy power back, so if you melee someone you get a little bit of shield. So you can get a bit at a time all the way to overshield!

SGT Johnson will pilot the scarab and shoot at a building I am calling the Control Tower. If you take a banshee to the tower you will notice that, aside from where spires jut out of it, it has a round slope all the way around. If you take the banshee right up to the slope and as high as you can go, you can almost get over it. Here you must jump out of your banshee to land on the less steep part of the slope. If you turn your banshee to the side or all the way around, it may make it easier to land on the less steep part. Also, try to have your banshee land on a platform below, so you can use it to get back. Once you are on the slope, climb the rest of the way up it. If you are on the right of the door, then you have to jump onto the ledge next to the main part of the building, and then walk up a steep part in the direction of the door. Walk up that, then around and down on the other side. On this side (left of the door from scarabs perspective) you can walk onto the hills and grass. You will notice several angled spires, some of which connect to the building. You must climb the one that is directly opposite the door you would use to enter the tower. Its steep but you can walk up it. I suggest jumping while walking to speed up the process. At the top is a skull which gives you the "black eye" effect - you only recover shields by meleeing enemies. This is only found on legendary. Reverse the process to get back to your banshee (hopefully) or just jump off a cliff and the effect will stay with you.

Cheat: Infinite / Sputnik Skull
Difficulty: Legendary
Level: Quarantine Zone
Word: Sputnik
Effect: Explosions and melee have more of an effect, which may be the result of less gravity.
From the start of the level, look to your left for an Elite. To the left of the elite there is a tunnel. Head into the tunnel and go straight until you reach a cliff. Now turn left and follow the cliff till you reach a rock wall. To the right of the wall and the cliff is a narrow passage, skull is at the end of that passage. To get sputnik skull go to the level Quarintine Zone on legendary. At the start of the level turn around and you will see a tunnel go through the tunnel and continue going straight. You will reach a cliff. When you reach the cliff turn to your left and continue going straight. You will reach a rock wall and to the right of the rock wall there is a narrow LEDGE not a passage. walk down onto the LEDGE and continue to the end. The sputnik skull will be there.

Hint: Destroy the Ghost
Facing the Ghost from behind, to the left, behind the left wing is an alien gas tank shaped like a circle. Its only on the left side. Shoot it 3 times with pistol or 1 time with the shotgun and say good bye to it.

Hint: Magic Sword
This cheat requires two people, on any level in Halo 2. Note that both must be on opposite sides, but the point of this is not to kill your opponent, but rather to help him (or her.) Have your Plasma Sword in hand, and have someone jump on top of your head. While targeting them...have them jump on your head, and press x and b as fast as you possibly can, you should follow your friend up as he jumps on you...see how high you can go, or better yet, where. Get in the passenger side of a warthog, and target your friend and pull the right trigger. Have your friend run as far as he or she can to the other side of the level and get out. Once you do, aim where youd like to fly and take off.

Hint: Brute-Shot
The melee attack is almost as powerful as the energy-sword but it needs no power. Melee attacks are devastating especially against flood but also against jackals and other scum.

Hint: Dual Weapon Wields
A plasma weapon destroys shields faster and a human weapon overloads the "damage threshold" for unshielded players, thus the best combo is always an Alien-Human combo.

1.) SMG and Plasma Rifle
2.) SMG and Plasma Pistol
3.) Magnum and Plasma Pistol

But dont think that these are better than just human or just plasma. Human-Human and Plasma-Plasma weapons work good too.

1.) SMG and Magnum
2.) Dual Magnums

There is also a very wide variety of good choices between your primary and secondary weapons but that list could go on for pages so go play and learn them.

Hint: Snatch the Sword in Zanzibar
If you start on the beach in Zanzibar, you have to climb your way up to the sword, and that kills time. If done right, you can just toss a grenade up into the hole and the blast will propel the sword out of the whole and to the ground below. This quickly gives you one of the most powerful weapons in Halo 2.

Hint: Easy Brute Boss Fight
On the very last level in Halo 2 when you get your banshee and Johnson gets the scarab, if you shoot of your wing you can fly the banshee into the temple. This makes it impossible for the brute chief to kill you but you can kill him. This is very useful, especially on legendary when hes almost invincible.

Hint: Warthog Soccer
Play a round of soccer in Halo 2! In the Metropolis level, there will come a point where you must destroy two Wraiths that are laying siege to some marines in a building (just before the sequence where you must board the Scarab). Just as you enter this part of the game you will see a few marines in a Warthog battling against a couple of Ghosts. Surrounding you will be a few building and one in particular that looks as if it has been filled up with rubble. If you can manage to get inside this building, on the lowest floor hidden in the corner is a giant Soccer ball (you will need the Banshee to get there). You can then push the soccer ball out on to the road below. If you move the witches hats to make goal posts one player, in co-op mode, can commandeer a warthog, and the other can get in another and you can have a giant game of soccer.

Hint: Huge MC
This can only be done on multiplayer. On the level burial mounds put on wraiths then have player 1 get in the wraith and drive it to the pillar that looks burnt where the ghost is. Have player 2 stand at the bottom where the pillar slants and have person in the wraith press the L trigger. This will send player 2’s dead body through the wall. If the body looks like it hits something round while it is flying through the wall then look in the sky and u will see the body in mid air as big as the arena.

Hint: Sword/Rocket Launch
Get a sword and a rocket launcher on any level. (it can be in campaign or multiplayer). Aim at an enemy with the rocket launcher and hit the (Y) button and the right trigger simultaneously. If done right you will fly at the enemy you were aiming at.

Glitch: Scorpion Tank Pinball
Enter the Zanzibar map with a Scorpion Tank in the heavy vehicle spawn. Push the tank into the windmill (or drive it in). This only works if your go front first and youre on the side facing the power generating station. As the windmill pushes the Scorpion upwards, drive forwards and if done correctly, the tank will fly out of the windmill, pinballing all over the place.

Hint: Energy Sword In Outskirts
Do-able on cooperative mode. Fight through the stage to the Hotel Zanzibar (hotel next to the Warthog ride on the beach).

There is part of the hotels building that is burned off. There is a ledge that you and your buddy can reach. Jump on your partners head. Notice that there are pipes sticking out. Jump on one of the pipes then walk back in the little area.

Have your partner kill himself and respawn where you are (plasma grenades are best - throw straight up, and then stand on it). If you are quick, you can also use the sniper rifle and kill your buddy, then move quickly back to your spot. Make sure you (the guy on the roof) move far back enough to make the buddy spawn next to you.

Once thats done, both of you walk back out on the pipe and do a partner jump (one guy on top of another guys head). He/she will have jump on the roof closest to them. Kill the lower player and respawn next to the higher player.

Walk futher and futher down the roof. Turn left where the roof turns and if you keep walking straight, you will come to the part where you fought the aliens and those jackals in sniper alley. Turn left again where the roof turns and walk straight but dont jump off to the lower roof. As you walk you will see a big hole in the roof somewhere. Look down and there will be a plasma sword with full energy. (Unverified

Hint - Halo Contra
For those of you who have a little trouble getting through mission The Great Journey
on Heroic or Legendary, here is a little game glitch to help you with that.

When you start the level youll be helped by an Elite Leader (the Covenant team that dropped with the Arbiter). When you get into the Spectre, race up to the part where you battle a single wraith, quickly get as close as you can get to it without getting yourself and the Spectre killed, because you need that Spectre to do this glitch.

Get out of the vehicle and attempt to board it and continuously press melee until the enemy inside it dies allowing you to get in. After that, continue to the part where you fight two wraiths and a few brutes,

Let the Leader kill them and help when the drop ship shooting at you goes away. Once all the enemies are dead, tip over the Leaders wraith so that hell fall out of it.

Then destroy his wraith, then use the Spectre (or if you cant find it go back aways and try to find it). Once you board the Spectre allow the Leader to get in and just drive in through the doors until you come to the door where the Spectre wont fit, get out, and blow it up. Then after you go through the checkpoint the Leader should go with you and through the whole battle.

Hint - Squeeze Your Allied Slaves
On any level with allies in them, you can make a Marine or Elite live longer by giving them better guns by swapping with them.

Marines, for example, do not easily kill enemies with a pistol or an SMG. Try giving them a shotgun, sniper, or a Battle Rifle. Do not give them a rocket launcher or they will kill themselves. Metropolis is a good level to give them a rocket launcher.

Elites have shields, unlike their ally counterparts, the Marines. They can carry more weapons than Marines too. Give an Elite a carbine for headshots, a Plasma Rifle for fast gunfire, and an Energy Sword for easy killings. The Energy Swords involve charging headfirst into battle with barely anyone to cover him. An Elite might be killed that way after taking down a couple enemies, whereas an Elite carrying a gun could take cover from meters away and still kill enemies.

Grunts are like unarmored supports for you and the Elites. Trade a Plasma Rifle or Fuel Rod Cannon for their Plasma Pistols. Yes, a Grunt CAN carry a Fuel Rod Cannon or a rocket launcher. Ive tried it.

Just because your allies have good weapons, doesnt mean that they are all powerful. They can still die. Help them fight and complete objectives. If any of these allies are to die with great weapons and help from you, you may revert back to the last checkpoint to save them.

Hint - Arbiters Ground Glitches
1 - Phantom Bumper Cars
-- Go on the Arbiter level, then look around at the Phantoms that dropped you off. Scope in on them, and follow them as they fly away. With your eye still on them, go over to the left (the left when you started the level) and stand on the slope at the edge. If you lost track of them, an easier way is to just run to the edge, and look at the bottom of the building in the distance, it should be in front of your face if you just strafe left. Okay now for the egg. You should see three Phantoms zooming down at top speed, smashing into the building and smash into each other in a bumpercar extravaganza! After that they will spiral down until you cant see them anymore.

2 - Bouncy Weapons
-- On the lift that you go down in into the Hanger, bring a dual-wield weapon with you. Activate the switch, and press Y to drop your left gun. It should bounce around the lift as you go down!

3 - Screw Up the Storyline
-- My personal favourite. When you get to the part where you see the Heretic Leader through the glass, and he says, "Deal with him my brothers. I will defend the Oracle, blah blah blah." Make sure you have the Plasma Sword. Aim at the Leader, and lunge at him. Arbiter should just stop at the glass. Then, while still against the glass, do heaps of jumping, crouch-jumping and crouching, attempting to lunge him all the time. If you do it right, (it will take a few tries) Arbiter will fly through the glass at the Leader! He is invincible, but you can knock him off the edge and kill him that way, steal his Banshee, or (if you are an arty person like me,) have a look at him for drawing purposes. Be warned that if you do this cheat, you cannot finish the level, because the Phantom will sit there shooting at it, and it will not trigger any enemies or anything.

Hint: Reset Thy Ammo
Expended all your ammo at the end of one stage and dont have enough to muscle past the start of the next one? Save and quit your game -- provided you acutally unlocked a new stage on the Stage Select, you can head back into your campaign (via stage select) and get a fresh batch of pre-assigned weapons for Master Chief.

Co-op players already know from Halo 1 that your partner and you can kill one another (one a time) to restart with an initial ammo load when you started the stage.

Glitch: House Of Flying Energy Swords
This bug/trick may be used in any level (and on any mode, Campaign or Multiplayer). To perform it, you must have both a plasma sword and any other firing weapon (the rocket launcher works the best).

Equip the non-sword weapon and place the reticule over a valid target (i.e., an enemy) such that the reticule turns red. Press Y to change weapons and the instant before
the swords reticule replaces the non-sword reticule, pull the R trigger.

If timed correctly, the player will lunge forwards as if the sword locked-on the target to deliver the lunging sword strike. Note that this glitch is effective regardless of the distance between the player doing the glitch and the target.

Hint: Banshee Vs Tartarus
On the final level "Great Journey", you will have to fly the banshee. You are told to enter the door in the huge structure. Fly up to the door and exit the banshee, make your way through the tight cave like hallways and open the door. Kill the brutes in this room, make sure you kill them all, do not use the banshee, they have brute shot and are good with plasma grenades.

After clearing the room, go back to your banshee and fly through the door, immediately start flying up, and you will notice a hole, fly through it. Continue flying through the holes you see and down through the door. Make your way to the right side of the room and down the long hallway (while in the banshee). A cut scene will take you out of your banshee to where the chieftain and 4 or 5 brutes are standing, after you kill them and the chieftain jumps to the center, make a 180 back to the hallway and get in the banshee.

Fly in circles around him, blasting him with all the banshee weapons. After a while, when his shields go down, you will have to land your banshee on the bottom level and engage the chieftain, shooting him, just pissing him off. When the brute reinforcements come, get back in the banshee and continue to bomb them and the chieftain until you are victorious.

NOTE: if you have trouble at any point, for example, if it seems it is taking forever to kill the chieftain, jump out of the banshee and engage him for a few minutes, just dont get killed (but if you do, your banshee will be waiting in the same spot you got it from) after a moment of fighting him on foot, jump back in it and continue, eventually he will die and you will be a lot safer in the air then down on his level.

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