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All-Star Baseball 2005 Cheats for Xbox

All-Star Baseball 2005 Xbox
Genre Sports
Platform Xbox
No. of Players 1-4
ESRB esrb e

Hint: Homerun Gesture
When you hit a home run and your player is running towards home play, press L or R and your player will gesture towards the crowd.

Hint: Commentary
When you’re pitching, put down the controller for awhile and the announcers will begin saying some funny things about the game.

Hint: Extra Crowd Taunts
When you hit a homerun, on your trot home, hit Y X or B to do the extra crowd taunts. These are much better than the L and R taunts. Press Y to wave your arm in the air in a victor march. Press B to Clap hard and shake your head. Press X to clap softly.

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