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Super Turrican 2 Virtual Console Cheats for Nintendo Wii

Super Turrican 2 Virtual Console Nintendo Wii
Genre Action
Platform Nintendo Wii
No. of Players 1
ESRB esrb KA


Cheat Code: Smart Bomb Inventory Trick

To enable this cheat, halt your game and enter this cheat in your cheat menu "X, A, L, R, B, Y, Left, Right", if done successfully you would be able to fill up the smart bomb inventory while playing your game.

Code: Pass Over Current Game Level

To hop onto the next game level from what you are currently playing in, just halt the game and enter this combination of code "R, L, X, B, Y, A, Left, Down, Up, Right". Do it correctly and your current level will be omitted.

Code: How to Fill Up Wheel Time

To enable this cheat code, while playing halt your game and then enter this combination of cheats "Up, Down, Right, Down, Left, B".
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