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18-Wheeler: American Pro Trucker Cheats for Playstation 2

18-Wheeler: American Pro Trucker Playstation 2
Genre Racing
Platform Playstation 2
No. of Players 1-2
ESRB esrb e

Unlockable: Extra parking levels
Complete all four parking levels to unlock an fifth parking level. Complete the bonus fifth parking level to unlock the sixth parking level.

Unlockable: Lizard Tail
Complete the game with all five trucks, including the bonus Nippon Maru.

Unlockable: Bonus trailers
Complete arcade mode with all four characters. Two bonus trailers unlock in Score Attack mode, Versus mode, and Arcade mode for all trucks except the Nippon Maru.

Unlockable: Nippon Maru Truck
To unlock the tight, double-stacked Nippon Maru Truck, go to the title screen. Press and hold X, then press Start. Keep holding X until you see the Mode Select screen. The Nippon Maru truck will be available once you choose a game mode.

Hint: Earn bonus parts
You can earn bonus parts by completting the parking mini-game after beating your rival in any Arcade destination race.

Hint: Split stream boost
You can effectively draft behind trucks your size giving your truck a slight boost in speed.

18 wheeler american pro trucker

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