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Runescape Cheats for PC

Runescape PC
Genre RPG
Platform PC
No. of Players
ESRB esrb t


Get Easy and Quick Money

You have to pay Thirty Gp to people who are dressed in blue uniform, it is only when you reach Port Sarim which is located in west of Draynor Village and then ask them to leave towards Karamja. When you are there Walk past the dock down and you will then be able to see the home, just get into that and look up for a man with name Luthas. Pick up bananas when he asks you to pick by Answering "Yes" and put them in the near by crate, then chat with Luthas and get your Thirty GP. Repeat this task of picking bananas to earn another Thirty GP. NOTE: You got to stay there for longer period if you are going to shed thousands on several items.

There is a Guy with alias Yodoo86 who is always purchasing the coal, locate him and add him to your list once your mining level hits 40. Just mine the coal and offer him for 100GP.

Keep smithing and mining till you reach the level 20 at each. Create the Bronze bars & convert those bars into stuff at an anvil e.g mail plate body, kite shield, a 2-H or skirt, these will be sold for fairly good prices at the open market. You can probably do the same with runite, iron, mithril, and the steel.

Mine the iron and your Mining level shall raise up by 38, afterwards go to Barbarian Village, there you will mine coal from near by rocks, you will be able to sell them for 100-300 GP per particle. You can earn some good money by selling emerald, diamond, sapphire and other precious gems, you will find them occasionally.

Just get your mining and smithing level raised up to 40 & mine the Gold in Lessers Pits on Karajama Island. You have to be aware of level 21 skeletons. There are 5 rocks. So on a fine night when there is no on, you can strike them in a row which will make your trip less difficult. You can easily obtain Twenty Five gold ore which will become 25 golden bars. Just gather them into the certs and later sell them off 1k per article.

On your buddy's list, enter MONEYBAGS and once you get him while he is on, you will be able to get 1 to 9,00,000 gp.

Move towards house outside of the Lumbridge & gather the iron draggers on the world 13. And also beat the goblens for the items that can either be sold or are gold, this is pretty common element. Sell off your draggers for either 14 gold or cheaper at the market.

Different Text Colors

If you wish to talk in other different texts, you need to type @ and then have to enter the first three letters of the color and then again type @. E.g if you are typing @[email protected] your text will be orange. Following is the colour letter list

Type ran for Random, flashing text
Type cya for Cyan
Type gre for Green
Type mag for Magenta
Type blu for Blue
Type bla for Black
Type ora for Orange
Type whi for White
Type red for Red
Type yel for Yellow (normal colour)

Silverlight Quest

Leave for varrok, find a gypsy lady there and chat up with her, she will then explain you the quest. For un draining the key stuck in the pipe (it is the part of your quest), try a bucket of water on drain and the top of the sewerage pipe.

Increase Prayer Level

This trick can be used to boost your prayer points. To get expertise in the pray area collect the bones which are on the floor and then bury them . Keep doing this to boost your prayer points, this will help boost your strength as well as other stats. Its really great to put stuff including the armor which you have kept in the bank. Move around and collect bones from the ground and bury them when you are unable to lift them. Around the starting point, locate a chicken farm. From starting point move towards north east and locate the bridge. Crossing the bridge and heading towards north will lead you to the chicken farm.

Lost Ghost Quests

If you successfully finish the Lost Ghost Quest you will earn 5 to 6 prayer points.

Hint: Get Free Shield & Sword

There is a shop unit in Lubridge. There are 3 persons one man and two women dressed up in blue outside the shop. To get the free sword & shield just chat chat up with man and he will give it away

Tip to Make Quick Money

There is very easy way to make money if you are a member. Pick the flak and convert them into the bowstrings. You will then be able to sell these bowstrings for 150 gp a piece. You can easily earn 150k GP by selling 1k bowstrings, repeat this process to double up your money.

Get Points of Interests in Wilderness:

Falador training ground: Wild level 1-10 north west of the Falador. Dark Wizards level sixteen & twenty Five. Wizards drop alot of runes, altar the south out of the wild.

Graveyard: Wild level Twenty, south west of the Skeleton Training Ground & the north east of theVarrock altar, Skeleton level Twenty Five. Iron Dagger and the Steel Dagger.

Red Spider Village: Wild level Thirty, north of the Hobgoblin training and practice area. Level Thirty Six Red Spiders. Inside are the Steel Legs & a Gold Nugget. These take about Five minutes to regenerate.

Varrock training ground: Wild level 1-10 north side of the Varrock. Level thirteen rats, player fights, Body Runes towards north, Altar to north.

The Ghosts training ground: Wild level Seventeen north east of the Varrock after pathway guarded by a Giant. Ghosts level Twenty Five. Tiles, Planks and the Steel Short Sword.

Bandit Out post: Wild level the Twenty Two northwest of the Edgeville. North of the Dark Warrior encampment. Level Twenty Ninebandits.

Skeleton training ground: Wild Level twenty Five, north of the Ghost training ground. Level Thirty Two Skeletons. Iron Scimitar and the Cross bows.

Ashes Small House of Spiders: Wild level Forty Five, east side of Greater Demons, 2 huge Giant Spiders level Thirty One, the Sapphire Cut.

Hobgoblin training area: Wild Level Thirty, north east of the Graveyard. Hobgoblins level Thirty Two, the mining place, Goblin Armor.

Fewer Demons: Wild level Forty Two, the eastern border of the Wild. Level Seventy Nine fewer demons, The Nature Runes.

Greater Demons: Wild level Forty Five, north side of the Lesser Demons, 2 level Eighty Seven Greater Demons.

The Maze: Wild Level Forty, north west of Hobgoblins, King Scorpions level Thirty Six and Black Knights level Forty Six, the iron and steel articles.

Dark Warrior Encampment: Wild level Thirteen north west of the Edgeville. Level Twenty One dark warriors. The Runes.

Ice Mountain: Wild level Forty west edge of the wild. Ice Warriors level Sixty Seven, Ice Giant level Sixty Eight. Altar to South.

Fighting Levels - Useful Articles - Prayer levels - Easy Money:

Deep far into the Mines and Dungeon of the Edgevile search for the Brass Key and acquire it by hook or crook. Now proceed to the locked small house with the ladder suspending down inside in between barbarian village and varrok. Here use your brass key to the door which will provide the access. Take first left and get into the closed room, it is filled up with the giants "level 36", room should have gate. These giants will give you good expertise and willl drop bigger bones (Which are better than normal bones for prayer), money(uptil Forty Seven dropping at a time) and cool stuff and articles e.g iron & steel items, all runes and all other gems apart from diamond.
Bringing feathers and a fly fishing rode with your self, it will help you fish in water which you can consume for food.

Trick: Surviving In Lava Chambers:

Reach that point where you are able to combat lesser red spiders or demons/lever Fify Four skeletons. And upon beating up the dragon, or atleast using the specific descreet door ( the Ist 1 from crandor side), go for enough fishing so that you are able to catch and cook the delicious Lobster. Bring the tinder box, lobster pot and hatchet. Now go to the island from karamja via the secret hidden door. Fight with the monsters. When you don't have any more food left go back to Karamja through the same hidden door and catch some lobsters. Cut a tree, make a fire and cook your lobster you caught on it. It will give you unlimited life and strength to live in the lava chambers underneath the crandor/karamha islands. It is beneficial and good way to level up against specific creeps, as well as you can get alot of similar stuff from a particular creep e.g get Rune mediums from the lesser demons.

Trick: Tree Level 15

When you are playing in the tutorial mode; at survival guide lady, you need to talk to her and "after bait & fishing net" she will give you an axe and during that tutorial cut down the oak trees that require level Fifteen wood cutting instead of ordinary trees. Its pretty cool, not rather much.

Get New Member Levels

Firstly just move ahead to the Varrock! And then forward to East bank. Just before the bank, move down (above museum). Go into the building which you find there. You will find dummies and attack on them. This task shall earn you up to 5 levels.

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