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25 To Life Cheats for PC

25 To Life PC
Genre Shooter
Platform PC
No. of Players 1
ESRB esrb m

Cheat: Hacked Life
Note this changes a critical game file. Ready a back-up.

Locate the easy.var
file in the ... 25 to lifedatavar ...
directory. You will need to alter the Read-Only properties of the VAR file before you open it with Notepad or similar text editor (like Locate the AI2PlayerDamage 0.14
string and change the value to 0 (numeric zero). Save the file. This will now make the AI do the listed damage to you on that difficulty (Easy).

Unlockable: Unlockable: Rick Ta Life
Get to your car.

Unlockable: Officer Williams
Get the evidence to Mendozas car.

Unlockable: DJ Envy
Get to the subway.


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