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The Sims Cheats for Game Cube

The Sims Game Cube
Genre Simulation
Platform Game Cube
No. of Players 1-2
ESRB esrb t


If youre reading this, then that probably means that youve picked up something some people refer to as digital crack. Yes, The Sims. The game and its associated add-on packs have sold a nearly innumerable amount on the PC, and now its playable in your living room. You may want to go ahead and move your refrigerator in there as well, just as a helpful reminder to eat every now and then.

The Sims is such an open and endless game that youll still be figuring things out on your own even after receiving all the help and info in the world. But thats the beauty of it. While a large portion of the game is about experimenting and trying different things out, this guide should at least give you a run-down of everything youll need to get you started.

The console version adds a single-player story mode that the PC version didnt have. While the play mechanics are still the same, youll have specific goals that must be completed. Finish those goals, and youll move into bigger and supposedly better houses while meeting plenty of interesting Sims to socialize with.

This guide is here to make sure you dont let your Sims burn in a kitchen fire, pee on the new carpet or pass out in the middle of the road from lack of sleep. The guide will also help you find your Sims a job, build and upgrade their abode, and generally live healthy lives. Youll also find a complete walkthrough for the new Get a Life mode and a list of everything you can unlock while playing it. Grab yourself a 60oz soda, a large bag of chips and get reading. Just dont forget to use the toilet every now and then.

Buy Stuff For Free
On the main menu, press L + R simultaneously, then type FREEALL.

Unlock 2 Player Mode
On the main menu, press L + R simultaneoulsy and type MIDAS.

Unlock First Person View
On the main menu, press L + R simultaneoulsy and type FISH EYE

Unlock Motel (2 Player Mode)
On the main menu, press L + R simultaneously and type PARTY M.

Unlock Play The Sims Mode
On the main menu, press L + R simlutaneously and type SIMS.

Hint: Item Locations
Here is a run-down of where to find some items in Bustin Out:

The Hackers: Shiny Things Labs The Protesters: Club Rubb The Red Pool Table: Club Rubb The Stolen Fern: Dudleys Trailer The Contaminating Fern: Goths Manor

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