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Super Smash Bros. Melee Cheats for Game Cube

Super Smash Bros. Melee Game Cube
Genre Fighting
Platform Game Cube
No. of Players 1-4
ESRB esrb t


Do you love Super Smash Bros.
Cheat Code: Alternate Music
To listen to alternative music tracks on select stages press and hold either one of the two analog trigger buttons (L or R) when picking your stage. The following stages have alternate music tracks available: Great Bay: Sarias Song Hyrule Temple: Fire Emblem Icicle Mountain: Balloon Fight Big Blue: Mach Rider Yoshis Island: Super Mario Bros. 3 Onett: Earthbound (2) Pokemon Stadium: Pokemon Battle Theme Mushroom Kingdoms I and II: Dr. Mario Battlefield: Multi-Man Melee Theme Final Destination: Alternate SSBM Theme

Cheat: 999% Damage

While using Fox (preferably with a turbo controller of some sort), use his blaster on your opponent. If executed properly, the attack will cause high damage (up to 999% damage). Try to be close to the character you�re attacking to make this work, and of course, a turbo controller will work best.

Unlockable: Stages
SSB Melee has a lot of stages to select from. While the select screen only indicates you can unlock five there are actually more than that. Note that there is a certain random element to the unlocking of the first four stages. Sometimes, the first stage you unlock isnt Brinstar. If it didnt unlock at 50 matches, it will unlock at 100, 150, or 200.
Planet Zebes: Brinstar Depths
(Metroid) -- Play 50 Vs. matches.�
Eagleland: Fourside
(Earthbound) -- Play 100 Vs. matches.�
F-Zero Grand Prix: Big Blue
(F-Zero) -- Play 150 Vs. matches.�
Kanto Skies: Pok� Floats
(Pok�mon) -- Play 200 Vs. matches.�
Mushroom Kingdom II
(Super Mario Bros. 2) -- Get Birdo or Pidgit trophy from Super Mario Bros. 2.�
Superflat World: Flat Zone
(Game & Watch) -- Unlock Mr. Game & Watch and defeat Classic mode with him.�
-- Defeat All-Star Mode (secret mode) with any character.�
Final Destination
-- Clear all 51 Event Matches.�
Dream Land
(Classic N64 Kirby Stage) -- Complete Target Test successfully with all 25 characters.�
Yoshis Island
(Classic N64 Yoshi Stage) -- Hit 1,323 feet �(or more) in the Homerun Contest with Yoshi.�
Kongo Jungle
(Classic N64 DK Stage) -- Finish 15-minute Melee with any character (Tip: use Donkey Kong with his down+B ground slap).�

Random Stage Switch
-- Unlock all secret stages (except for the classic N64 stages and Battlefield and Final Destination)� to reveal a random stage switch. As soon as you start your melee from the character select screen the match will start. This means you dont have to waste time loading the stage select menu.�

Unlockable: Hidden Characters
Naturally Super Smash Bros. Melee is filled with playable characters. There are 14 selectable as soon as you boot it up, but youll find another 11 waiting for you to be unlocked for a total cast lineup of 25 characters. There are genuinely new characters as well as clones. Clones usually share the same moves and attacks as one of the main characters with some subtle adjustments. Apparently there are several ways of unlocking characters either via Vs. matches or single-player mode. Once the conditions are met, the secret character will appear and challenge you to a battle. Win the battle, and you get the character. Heres the ways to do it:

-- Clear Adventure or Classic mode with any character or play Vs. more than 50 times.�
-- Luigis appearance depends entirely on your level time for the first Adventure mode level. The time stops the moment you jump the "flag" finish line at the end�of the Mushroom Kingdom sidescrolling level.�Look at your seconds counter and try to time it so that you get a "2" (as in Luigi, the #2 Mario Brother) in your seconds (like 22, 52, 24, etc). If you got it right, you will see Luigi appear over Princess Peachs Castle in Adventure mode during a cut-scene. Complete the Adventure and he will appear after the credits. Or: Play Vs. Mode more than 800 times.
Young Link
(Clone of Link) -- Clear Classic or Adventure mode with 10 characters (two of which have to be Link and Zelda/Sheik) or complete 500 Vs. matches.�
Dr. Mario
(Clone of Mario) -- Clear Classic or Adventure mode with Mario without using continues (Tip: use Very Easy difficulty) or play more than 100 Vs. matches.�
(Clone of Captain Falcon) -- Clear Event Match 29 or play more than 600 Vs. matches.�
-- Clear 200 Vs. Matches, clear Event Match 37, or conquer Classic mode with Mewtwo.�
-- Use the original 14 characters at least once in Vs. or another regular mode, or play more than�400 Vs. matches.
(Clone of Marth) -- Clear Classic Mode with Marth without using a continue or play more than 900 Vs. matches.
(Clone of Fox) -- Clear 300 Vs. Matches or beat the 100-Man Melee.�
-- Rack up 20:00 hours in Combined Vs. Play Time or play 700 Vs. matches.�
Mr. Game & Watch
-- Clear Target Test, Classic, or Adventure mode with all 24 characters. Or: play more than 1,000 Vs. matches.��

Unlockable: Fight Big Kirby
In adventure mode, if you beat the Kirby Team in less than a minute, you will fight a bigger, fatter, version of Kirby.

Unlockable: Start Battle as Sheik
Want to start a battle as Sheik, not as Zelda? Keep on holding down the A button when you pick Zelda on the character select screen. When the battle begins, you will hear the "unlock chime" from Legend of Zelda and you will start out as Sheik.

Alternate method by steve the gamegod
is to choose Zelda, then highlight a stage and press L and/or R when confirming your choice. When the match begins, you will hear a chime and Shiek will appear on the screen instead of Zelda.

Unlockable: Hidden Modes
There are several hidden modes of play hidden within the single-player mode as well as the options menu. Event Matches are a huge part of single-player and at first sight it appears there are only 30. However, as you unlock new characters and stages new Event challenges will be revealed.�
Event Matches 31-39
-- Youll need to unlock Jigglypuff, Luigi, Dr. Mario, Falcon, and Young link on top of clearing the first 30 Event Matches.�
Event Matches 40-50
-- Unlock all hidden characters and stages.�

As a special treat there is an extra Event Match that allows you to unlock the special Sound Test feature in the options menu.�
Event Match 51
-- Clear all previous events.�
Sound Test
-- Unlock every stage and character.

For die-hard players, there is also a hidden Score Display option: Score Display
-- Get a total of 5000 KOs and you will unlock this option that lets you see the players scores during a match (instead of afterwards).

Finally there is a secret All-Star mode which sends you fighting all 25 characters in a gauntlet-type setup. You will have access to three heart recovery items, but no more so youll have to ration your energy properly.�
All-Star mode
-- Unlock all 25 secret characters.�

It should be noted that there are numerous hidden trophies that unlock randomly with your progress, so be sure to keep your Vs. Match count high and complete as much as possible if youre looking for more trophies.�

Unlockable: Trophies
Regular Individual Trophies- Beat Classic Mode with any character. Donkey Kong Jr. Trophy-Beat Classic Mode with every character. Smash Individual Trophies- Beat Adventure Mode with any character. F-Zero Racers Trophy- Beat Adventure Mode with every character. Super Smash Individual Trophies- Beat All-Star Mode with any character. Meowth Trophy- Beat All-Star Mode with every character. Kraid Trophy- Unlock Brinstar Depths. UFO Trophy- Unlock Fourside. Falcon Flyer Trophy- Unlock Big Blue. Sudowoodo Trophy- Unlock Poke Floats. Maxim Tomato Trophy- Play Vs. Mode 10 times. Heart Container Trophy- Play Vs. Mode 100 times. Food Trophy- Play Vs. Mode 1,000 times. Master Hand Trophy- Beat Classic Mode on Hard or Very Hard without using a continue. Crazy Hand Trophy- Beat Adventure Mode on Hard or Very Hard without using a continue. Mach Rider Trophy- Beat Classic Mode in less than 5 minutes. Wolfen Trophy- Beat Adventure Mode in less than 20 minutes. Battlefield Trophy- Unlock Battlefield. Wario Trophy- Beat All-Star Mode without using a continue. Mew Trophy- Beat All-Star Mode on Hard or Very Hard. Target Trophy- Unlock Dream Land. Lon Lon Milk Trophy- Beat the Target Test with every character in less than 25 minutes. Sheriff Trophy- Beat the Target Test with every character in less than 13 minutes. Sandbag Trophy- Hit Sandbag 990 feet. Paper Mario Trophy- Hit Sandbag 1,485 feet. Unknown Trophy- Hit Sandbag a combined total of 16,503 feet. Mute City Trophy- Walk a combined total of 3,300 feet. Motion Sensor Bomb Trophy- Beat Event Match 3. Goomba Trophy- Beat Event Match 14. Entei Trophy- Beat Event Match 26. Game & Watch Trophy- Beat Event Match 45. Majoras Mask Trophy- Beat Event Match 47. Final Destination Trophy- Unlock Final Destination. Samuss Starship Trophy- Escape from Brinstar in Adventure Mode. Giga Bowser Trophy- Beat Giga Bowser in Adventure Mode. Male Wire Frame Trophy- Beat the 100-Man Melee in less than 4 minutes. Female Wire Frame Trophy-KO more than 100 people in the Endless Melee. Fighting Wire Frames Trophy- Survive the 15 Minute Melee. Mr. Resetti Trophy- KO 5 fighters in the Cruel Melee. Metal Box Trophy- Do 10 Combos in Training Mode. Lips Stick Trophy- Do 20 Combos in Training Mode. Bunny Hood Trophy- Do a total of 125 Combos in Training Mode. Kirby Hat 4 Trophy- Unlock Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Luigi, Marth, & Mr. Game & Watch. Kirby Hat 5 Trophy- Unlock Ganondorf, Roy, Pichu, Young Link, Dr. Mario, & Falco. Tom Nook Trophy- Get 1,001 coins. Landmaster Tank Trophy- Get 1,000 KOs. Diskun Trophy- Get every Bonus Point. Marin Trophy- Unlock the Sound Test. Smash Coin Trophy- Play Coin Mode 101 times. Celebi Trophy- Find Celebi in a Poke Ball in 1P Mode. Captain Olimar Trophy- Save Super Smash Bros. Melee data & Pikmin data on the same Memory Card.

Hint: Home Run Hit (Alternate)
The Sandbag Trophy is very simple to get. Another user said to use Yoshi to get it, but its much easier to get if you use Fox. First, pick up the bat, then slowly move towards the sandbag. Then, hit it once with the bat while Fox is stationary. This should knock the bag very close to the edge (this may take a few tries, but youll get it eventually). Then rapidly hit the B button (but dont touch the control stick); Fox will use his blaster gun on the sandbag thus upping the hit percentage, but the sandbag wont move. After you hear the announcer countdown to TWO, let off the B button and tap over and A to charge the bat, you should have enough time to hit the bag with about one second left. Having a higher percentage of hits on the sandbag makes it travel much farther. Using this method I got it to travel past 1000 yards, which is needed for the Sandbag Trophy.

Hint: Homerun (Roy)
Use Roy and his UP + A on the bag about three or four times. While the bag is in the air and theres about 3 seconds left, use Roys Charge B move to send it flying past 1500 ft.

Hint: Reduce Lag Time
To cut your lag time after performing an aerial move in half, press L right when youre about to land on the ground.

Hint: Beating the 100 Man Spar
Here is one of the easier ways to beat the 100 man spar. Keep using DKs hand slap. Sometimes the wire frames wont come down, so you can get under the ledge where theyre standing on and then hit them from below.

Hint: Donkey Kongs Home Run Hit
Grab the punchbag and toss it the way youre facing--youll lift it on your back. Now, run off the field with the bag on your back and when the timer gets to "2" seconds or less throw the bag!

Hint: Quick Reset
If you are anywhere, such as the Melee battle screen, and you want to get back to the main screen, just press L + R + START youll be instantly transported to the main menu.

Hint: Fun With Trophies
While going to the Collection screen to view your trophies, hold L and the trophies will be displayed in rows. Hold R and the trophies will be arranged in a circle. Hold Y and the trophies will be arranged in a triangle.

If you have Sound Test unlocked, note that the last music you listened to will also play while you view your trophies.

Hint: Pick Your Pose
You can select the pose your character strikes when you win a battle. Simply press B, X, or Y when the match ends. Each button corresponds to a specific winning pose.

Hint: Easier 15 Minute Melee
To beat 15 minute melee the easy way, try Mewtwo and go to either edge of the arena. Once you get there, do the B attack and just let the fighters run into you, they rarely hit you and they run into the ball charging.

Hint: Home Run with Link
To get an easy home run use Link or Young Link. Stand at the beginning stance and use full blast arrows. This will put percentage on it and move it towards the edge. Now pick up the bat and do a smash attack. This should send the bag over 700 feet!

Hint: Home Run Hit
To get the needed distance in Home Run Hit (for some trophies) you will need to use Yoshi. Get the bat, then use Yoshis DOWN+B jumping attack (the paddle kick) to increase the tampon/bags percentage as much as possible. Five (5) full contact paddle kicks will be enough to send the giant tampon/bag flying with a Bat smash attack (TOWARDS+A).

Hint: Extend Samus Grappling Beam
Rotate the D-PAD in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction very quickly while pressing Z, R, and A. Done correctly, this will lengthen Samus grappling hook for the duration of the match, but she will no longer automatically grab onto enemies unless you press the A button.

Hint: Super Shield
Sure, you know that hitting L or R brings up a protective shield -- but how about making it last longer? When blocking, hit L or R lightly (not all the way). This will create a much larger Super Shield that shrinks at a much slower rate than the standard shield. The downside is that its not as strong. If you want a more powerful shield, press L/R all the way.

Hint: Peachs Quick Float
In Super Smash Bros. Melee, Princess Peach is the ultimate throwback to Super Mario Bros. 2. Everything from plucking radishes from the ground to using her dress to float for long distances. Her dress is without a doubt one of her most useful tools. Knowing that Peach fanatics want to use it liberally, the developers of the game, HAL, have added in a quick float feature. Instead of having to jump full height to activate the float, you can press Down + X/Y at any time to start floating. Hold the button down to continue hovering. Use it while standing, and you can even hover inches above the ground if you like! A graceful girl indeed.

Hint: Earn More Coins
Did you know that the amount of coins you receive after a match is directly related to how often you "smash" the stick during battle? If you want to make easy money, enter the Adventure Mode and make your way all the way through the first level. But before you exit, stand on a secure platform and wiggle the control stick right and left "Decathlon" style. You dont even need to complete smash moves -- moving the stick all the way is enough to earn cash. When you exit and finish the stage you will receive a much higher number of coins. You can do this in any mode or on any level, but you get a lower amount of coins in Vs. Mode (unless all players do this trick at the same time).

Hint: Call Team Star Fox
Want to surprise your friends with an unexpected move? Fox McCloud has a cool easter egg maneuver that can only be pulled off on the Great Fox and Venom stages. Find yourself a safe spot where you wont immediately be attacked by an opponent, then rapidly press left, right, left, right on the digital pad. If you did it correctly, Fox will kneel down and call up his friends. Falco, Peppy and Slippy will respond (their faces will appear at the bottom of the screen) and either give you useless advice or tell you to get out of the way as theyre about to attack your opponent. Not a very useful move, but a cool thing to amaze your friends with nevertheless. Note that you can only perform this maneuver once every battle.

Hint: Random Character Select
Super Smash Bros. Melee has a built-in random character select feature. Simply place your coin in one of the empty spaces on the selection screen (in the corner next to Pichu or on the opposite site). The game will automatically place your token on a random character.

Hint: Random Character Tournaments
Want to set up a more interesting tournament with your friends? When youre at the character/name setup screen in Tournament Melee mode, press the L and R buttons at the same time to change your character icon to Ditto (the shapeshifter of Pokemon fame). This will set that players character selection to random. Note that this will only work in the Winner Out/Loser Out modes -- not the standard Tournament setting.

Hint: Easy Back From Select
Want to get back to the previous menu from the character select screen, but dont want to waste time going up and clicking on "back?" Heres a little shortcut: simply hold down the B button and the cancel command will be triggered after a second or so.

Hint: Fox and Falcos Fake Trick
Use Fox or Falcos Forward + B attack and press B exactly when you hear the wooshing sound and he will stay where he is or itll make his attack shorter. This can be used to fool other gamers or just make it shorter so you don�t fall off the edge.

Computer lv 9 Cheat

Computer lv 9 Cheat

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