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Resident Evil 4 Cheats for Game Cube

Resident Evil 4 Game Cube
Genre Action Adventure
Platform Game Cube
No. of Players 1
ESRB esrb m


Dark mansion halls, lonely paths through deserted woods, and eerie silence should be familiar settings among veterans of the STARS Bravo team. Chances are, you havent made it this far in life without conquering a Resident Evil of the past, and chances are that you think youve got respectable zombie killing skills. But while Resident Evil 4 keeps the scares familiar, one thing most definitely is not the same...
These are not zombies.
Resident Evil 4 is a whole new game. With smarter, more vicious enemies than ever before, youll have to make expert use of the games new control scheme and aiming system if you want to get out of this mess alive. If the challenges of survival horror have got you beat, read our Resident Evil 4 strategy guide for: Basic tips to get you started, and some expert info youll take with you throughout your nightmarish journey. Weapons and items info, so you dont buy the wrong weapons or drop the wrong items. Full walkthrough to get you through this long and grueling adventure. Every chapter broken down with maps showing item locations, and tips of defeating all enemies and bosses. Secrets to let you get the most out of your game. Free weapon upgrades, unlockables, and more.

Unockable: Mercenaries Mini-Game
Beat the game to unlock the mercenaries mini game.

Unlockable: Punisher Weapon
You, know the guy, who runs around and sells you upgrades for weapons, he has a secret quest for you. You must search two areas of the game for blue medallions and shoot them. Finding and shooting more than 10 of the medallions will reward you with the punisher pistol. This weapon has slightly upgraded statistics and penetrating bullets.

Unockable: Mercenaries Mini-Game Characters
To unlock Ada Wong in Mercenaries get a 4 star rating on the Pueblo map of the game. To unlock Albert Wesker in Mercenaries get a 4 star rating on the Waterworld map of the game. To unlock Hunk in Mercenaries get a 4 star rating on the Island Commando map of the game. To unlock Jack Krauser in Mercenaries get a 4 star rating on the Castle map of the game.

Unlockable: Assignment Ada Mini-game
Beat the game to unlock the mini game: Assignment Ada

Unlockable: Broken Butterfly Weapon
In the hall south of the hedge maze there is a locked door. Return to that area with Ashley, piggy back with her and she will unlock the door. This reveals the broken butterfly.

Unlock Matilda Weapon
Unlock the Matilda handgun (which fires 3 round bursts) by clearing the game.

Unlockable: Hand Cannon Weapon
Get the five star ranking on the mercenaries mini-game to unlock the Handcannon.

Unlockable: Chicago Typewriter Weapon
Beat Operation Ada, and the "Chicago Typewriter", a Thompson with 10.0 firepower, infinite ammo, no reload, and the fire rate of a maxed out TMP, becomes available at the merchant.

Unlockable: Rocket Launcher
In order to unlock the Rocket Launcher Special you beat the game on Normal and you get a chance too buy the Matilda and the Infinite Launcher. The Matilda is $70,000 and the Infinite Launcher is $1000000.

Unlockable: S.T.A.R.S. Uniform
To Unlock The S.T.A.R.S. Uniform You Must Complete The Game On Normal Or Hard Mode.

Hint: Maximize Leons Lifebar
This process incurs several continues, which have no bearing on the games ending. At the first El Gigante fight, there is a Yellow Herb in the boss arena. Take this item and combine it with any of the Green Herbs in the same room and use it. This increases Leons lifebar slightly.

Now let the boss kill Leon. Since the boss room is at a map transition (the green OPEN command is a dead giveaway), this lets you continue right at the boss fight but with Leons life increase from your previous attempt. Repeating this process will increase Leons lifebar to maximum prematurely. Extra Yellow Herbs found later can be given to Ashley, or sold to the merchant for money.

Unlockable: Amber Ring
At the Round of Insignia ,at the tunnel, shoot down that shiny thing. The Amber Ring will fall out.

Hint: Snake in the Box
Sometimes when you destroy the wooden crates a snake will jump out and bite you. If you keep slashing with your knife when the box breaks you can kill the snake and receive a healing egg.

Hint: Reload Your Upgraded Gun
Whenever you upgrade your guns capacity it fills the weapon with ammo. So dont reload before you buy the upgrade. This works great with weapons that have very little ammo (such as the magnum revolver Broken Butterfly); after you use up the guns magazine, simply look for the merchant and upgrade the ammo capacity.

Hint: More Money for Beerstein and Elegant Mask
When you find these items do not sell them right away. You can increase the value of the items with gems.

Hint: Quick Aiming
There is a quick way to center your gun when aiming up or down. Simply tap the L1 button (takes out your knife) and you will quickly aim straight ahead.

Hint: Raise Max Health
If you mix: GREEN HERB + RED HERB + YELLOW HERB. It restores your health completely and raises your max health.

Hint: The First Shotgun
There are three main buildings in the village where you first see the chainsaw not-zombie. The shotgun is in the northeast building, on the second floor of the house.

Hint: Los Gigante
In Chapter 1-1, along the path towards the village you will run along a white dog trapped in a bear trap. If you help this dog he comes in handy later when you are fighting Los Gigante for the first time. About midway through the fight, you will hear the dog bark and he will come to your aid. Los Gigante becomes distracted, and begins to attack the dog rather than you.

Hint: Funny Character Animations
When Ashley is standing on a ledge and you are below her, look up at her and she will hold down her skirt and say something about you being a pervert and one or two other funny lines.

Hint: Double Broken Butterfly Ammo
If you buy the broken butterfly before you find it, you can hold twice the ammo. The shopkeeper will not sell you this gun if you already have it.

Hint: Exclusive Weapon Powers
Each weapon has a special "exclusive power" when all of its stats are custom tuned to the maximum: Handgun
- Increases the chance of a headshot being fatal by a factor of five (5% or 20%, take your pick). Punisher
- Each bullet can penetrate up to five bodies. Red 9
- Increases firepower to 5.0 Blacktail
- Increases firepower to 3.4 Matilda
- Increases magazine capacity to 100. Shotgun
- Increases the effective damage range of the gun. Riotgun
- Increases firepower to 10.0 Striker
- Increases magazine capacity to 100. Rifle
- Increases firepower to 18.0 Semiauto Rifle
- Decreases firing speed to 0.40 seconds. Broken Butterfly
- Increases damage to 50.0 Killer7
- No exclusive power! TMP
- Increases firepower to 1.8 Minethrower
- Adds homing ability to mines and increases their blast radii.

Hint: Keep Money
When you beat the game you are able to keep all of your remaining weapons and items. Start a new game with the "cleared game" feature.

Hint: Fishing
If you are low on health spray and herbs when at the lake take aim at the fish and fire away. When you hit a fish it floats. Jump in the boat and ride over the fish and take it. Depending on the size of the fish it will give you health.

Hint: Lake Shooting
When you are at the lake before you face Del Lago (the thing in the water) stand on the dock right before the water and start firing into the water. The creature will not appreciate this.

Hint: Quick Side Turn
While holding R, tilt the C-Stick left or right, then quickly release and pull the R trigger again. You will turn almost instantly towards that direction.

Hint: Get Two Attacks on Saddler
When fighting Saddler, knock him down and stand near his eyeball head so that the "Knife" action appears. Shoot him instead and then start tapping "A" to do the action attack as well.

Hint: Big Money
In the Castle after you get out of the sewer you will appear at the top of a large ball room wear there are some monks doing a sacrifice. If you alert them they all run away but if you throw a grenade down every single person you kill will drop a spinel or a los illuminados pendent.

Hint: Green Or White?
Leon cant leave Ashley when he transitions into a new area (signified by the blurring effect); however, he can leave Ashley safe in the corner of a dangerous area then call her over when its safe. You can instantly tell if Leon is about to leave an area if the OPEN or context command is printed in green. If the command is printed in white, Leon will simply open the door to another section of the area. Use this to plan out where Leon can leave Ashley to brave the dangers ahead.

Hint: Chasing Ashley
The enemies who captures Ashley will seek to leave by the nearest area exit; these are the exits that have the "green" OPEN or context command as opposed to the normal "white" text. If they manage to reach one of these exits, then the game is over. When leaving Ashley to do stuff alone, be sure not to leave her near a green exit door.

Hint: Hide And Wait In The Village
When you first get to the village and you are having trouble escaping the chainsaw maniacs and other enemies, you can hide in a safe spot. Go to the tall tower in the east side of the village (check your map) and climb up the long ladder. The villagers cannot climb that particular ladder. This also works when you need to place Ashley in a safe spot when exploring this particular area.

Hint: Defeating Verdugo (Alien/Salazars Right Hand) Boss
Not using the RL makes this fight harder, and in my opinion more fun, so try this if you choose not to buy a RL or dont have any cash. When you freeze him get close so the kick option appears, kick him down and he will stay frozen alot longer, allowing you to unload more rounds into him. Another tip if your using the BB when out of ammo freeze him at the next station reload THEN kick him over, you can still get at least 4 shots off. He will take about about 14 BB rounds at 20 damage a piece and a couple of Leon kicks to the face before he meets his doom. Plus you get an item worth 11000 Ptas for killing him.

Hint: Church Bell Hijinks
When you get to the graveyard for the first time, Run up by the church and shoot the bell, 3 not-zombies will come running from where you entered, shoot, grab items, repeat.

Hint: Avoid Being A Victim Of The Saw
Erly in the game, when Leon first enters the village, he should avoid the door that belongs to the building where Leon can get a free shotgun (the largest northeast building). Simply do not run into the house that triggers the cutscene. While Leon will still need to kill zombies to progress, he will not have to deal with the chainsaw enemies, who may be fairly tough on the out-set. After the bell rings, feel free to enter the house and collect the items and shotgun inside.

Hint: Knifing Krausers Kneecaps
Instead of wasting precious ammo on Krauser, wait until he gets close and exposes his vulnerable body (when he is not hiding behind his "wing") and slice his legs with Leons knife. Its best to practise this on lone enemies beforehand. As long as you are alert to any "Dodge" opportunities, Leon should conserve a load of ammunition and be out of the fight fairly quickly.

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