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NBA Live 2005 Cheats for Game Cube

NBA Live 2005 Game Cube
Genre Sports Simulation
Platform Game Cube
No. of Players 1-4
ESRB esrb e


If you thought that previous versions of NBA Live--EAs flagship basketball series--contained high-flying, acrobatic dunks, you aint seen nothin yet. This years iteration features a brand-new All-Star Weekend extravaganza, which includes the excellent Slam Dunk Contest. This But if you want to jam like Dominique or Spud, youll need a little schooling. Thats where we come in.
In addition to all of the strategy youve come to expect--tips on playing Offense and Defense, team-specific strategy, Dynasty help, and Secrets. Now IGN Guides has suggestions on how to compete in the All-Star Weekend festivities, including tips to help make you one of the most magnificent dunkers in the game.
So what are you waiting for? Grab some Shox and a towel, check in at the scorers table, and get into the game for real!

Cheat List
Enter these cheats on the codes screen in My NBA Live: All Classics Hardwood Jerseys: PRYI234N0B
All shoes: FHM389HU80
All team gear: 1NVDR89ER2
Huarache 2K4: VNBA60230T
Nike Air Unlimited: XVLJD9895V
Zoom Generation Low: 234SDJF9W4
Nike Bg: 0984ADF90P
Shox Elite: 2388HDFCBJ
Zoom LeBron II: 1KENZO23XZ
Alternate Hornets Jersey: JRE7H4D90F
Alternate Sonics Jersey: BHD87YY27Q

Cheat: Jerseys
Unlock the Supersonics new road uniform: BHD87YY2QW Unlock the Hawks new road uniform: HDI834NNUA Unlock the Warriors new road uniform: NAVNY2957P Unlock the Mavericks new road uniform: AAPSEUD09U Unlock the Hornets new road uniform: JRE7H4D9WH Unlock the Celtics uniform: XCV43MGMDS

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