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Bomberman Generations Cheats for Game Cube

Bomberman Generations Game Cube
Genre Adventure
Platform Game Cube
No. of Players 1-4
ESRB esrb e

Play as the Gold Bomber
In battle mode, play as the gold bomber simply by beating the standard course super blast. (This is easy to do if you set the computers level to weak and give yourself a five heart handicap.)

Cheat: Change View
In battle game mode when the word “ready” appears on the screen change the camera angle with the C button.

Play as Max in Battle Mode
Once you earn all Lightning Cards in Normal Mode, go to the character select screenin Battle Mode. Press Z to play as Max (instead of Bomberman).

Unlock Options in Battle Mode
To unlock a new set of options, beat Normal Mode once. At the Battle Mode stage select screen, Group A (standard power-ups) and Group B (special power-ups) options will appear.

Unlock Mini-Game
To unlock a Mini-Game option at the title screen, complete Level 4-3.

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