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Animal Crossing Cheats for Game Cube

Animal Crossing Game Cube
Genre Simulation
Platform Game Cube
No. of Players 1-4
ESRB esrb e

Cheat: 30,000 Bells
Tell Tom Nook:


Hint: Maximum Money from Rocks
To get maximum money bags from the selected rocks, walk beside a rock and then dig holes around your character. This will prevent your character from bouncing away from the rock, and you will get maximum money for your bang.

Hint: Cheap Raffle Tickets
If you want to get a raffle ticket cheap, just buy something from Tom Nook, and sell it back. Youll keep the free raffle ticket he gave you.

Hint: Wisp the Ghost
Every night between midnight and 3:00 am, a ghost called Wisp will be somewhere in your town. To get bonus furniture, you have to catch him with net. When you catch him he will want you to let him go. Let him go and he will give you a variety of items to choose from, even things not for sale.

He is not at your town every night but he is always there on Halloween.

Hint: Easy Money
To make easy money all you have to do is get a couple different fruits that arent native to your town and plant them. To make sure the tree grows, cut down an already existing tree and plant the fruit in the exact same spot. Once the tree grow, shake the fruit off of them and sell it to Nook.

Hint: Reset Follies
Dont ever hit the reset switch when playing this game. If you do, the next time you play you will be chastized by Mr. Resetti, an angry mole. He will lecture you on how there is no reset button in real life -- so you shouldnt use it in this game either. Mr. Resets rant takes quite a while to get through, but thats nothing compared to what happens when you hit reset again... His complaints will get longer and longer and he will even force you to apologize (which requires you to manually enter your apology via the on-screen keyboard). Not fun. So stay away from the reset switch unless you want a good laugh.

Hint: Feng-Shui Mysteries
Are you familiar with the ancient art of Feng-Shui? Who would have guessed that it even applies to Nintendos Animal Crossing? Its all about how you arrange your furniture in your house.

Orange colored furniture in the North Yellow furniture in the West Red furniture in the East Green furniture in the South

What does this do? It increases your chances with getting lots of cash and items -- so try to use Feng-Shui whenever possible.

Hint: Get Rich Quick with your GBA
If youve got a GBA and the GameCube Link Cable, you can access an island to the south of Animal Crossing that lets you make money much more quickly. Collect as many pieces of fruit as you can carry, hook up your GBA, turn it on, and then go to the pier at the beach (all the way in the south). A lad named Kappn will be waiting here in his boat (he only shows up if your GBA is switched on) and take you to the island. Once youre on the island, drop all the fruit you have collected and go back to the boat. Tell Kappn that you want to leave and that you want to transfer the island to your GBA. Your GBA will turn on and you will have see your island, complete with all the fruit you have dropped. Move your hand to the door of your island animals house and knock. Your animal will come out. Now grab a piece of fruit and put it right in front of your animal. It will eat the fruit and turn happy. After a few pieces of fruit your animal will drop a money bag of random size for each fruit you feed to your little virtual pet. Repeat this process until all pieces of fruit are gone (you can also direct your pet to shake trees to get more fruit), then put your GBA to sleep. Do NOT switch it off.

Go back to the GameCube game. Once back in your town, leave the screen with the boat and come back. Talk to the Kappn again and the GCN game will be updated with the new data from the GBA island. Travel back to the island and collect all the money bags. Some bags contain as much as 30,000 coins! You should be able to pay off your house in no time now.

Hint: Golden Fishing Rod
To get an item that will make fishing so much easier, catch all 40 types of fish. Not only will you get a cool Weathervane trophy on top of your house, the mayor will give you the Golden Fishing Rod to match your shovel.

Hint: Golden Axe
Check the Wishing Well every day for 15 days and get a consistently great rating. To do this, youll have to have the right mix of trees in each acre, pull out weeds, avoid littering, and have plenty of flowers. If you pull this off, visit the Wishing Well to meet the lucky spirit Farley, who will hand over the Golden Axe that never breaks.

Hint: Fiddle Pause Screen Background
To change the pause screen background, grab a shirt that you want for the background. Move it to the bottom-right hand corner (not the section where the letters are stored) and move it down once. It will go into a blank area,and when you press A, the background will change.

Hint: K.K. Slider Songs
There are three secret songs in Animal Crossing that Totakeke wont play unless you request them. They are:

I Love You K.K. Song Two Days Ago

Hint: Magic Rock
Every day, one rock in your village will turn into a treasure rock. Walk up to a rock and hit it with your shovel. If it turns red, quickly hit it again -- up to seven times if youre fast enough. Each time, a money bag will come flying out. The first few bags will be 100 Bell bags, but soon youll hear the Mario extra life chime -- which means these bags contain 1,000 Bell. After the rock changes color again, it goes back to being a regular rock.

Hint: Golden Shovel
You can produce a Golden Shovel the same way you plant a money tree. Buy an extra shovel, find a sparkle spot, dig out the money bag, stand right in front of it and select the shovel. Pick "bury" and the shovel will be planted in the ground and a sapling will pop up. If the spot is good, a golden tree will grow that will produce a Golden Shovel instead of fruit. The Golden Shovel will unearth money bags at random when you dig in the ground.

Hint: Golden Net
Catch all 40 types of insects to get your hands on the Golden Net, a better version of the regular net thatll help you catch more insects easier. You will also get a Butterfly sign on your house that shows off your bug catching skills.

Hint: Bee Courageous
Youve done it before -- youve shaken a couple of trees to find some cash, and out comes a whole swarm of bees and does a "remodeling" job on your face... Painful. But did you know that you can actually catch the bees and make some money? Its a bit tricky as the bees move fast, but after youve shaken a tree and a bees hive has fallen out, immediately switch to the butterfly net and turn towards the hive. Time it right and hit the button and you will catch a single bee, worth 4,500 bucks. Not bad, huh? There are three swarms of bees hidden on the map every day, so you can make some big bucks if you go bee hunting.

Hint: Grow a Money Tree
Did you know that besides growing fruit trees, you can also grow money trees? Yep, no joke. However, you cant just grow them anywhere. Find a sparkly glowing spot on the ground (the type that hints at a hidden treasure) and use the shovel to unearth the money bag. Instead of just pocketing the money and closing the hole, stand in front of it, go into your inventory and select the money bag. Now choose the "plant item in ground" option that you also use to sow seeds or fruit and put the bag back into the sparkly spot in the ground. A seedling will sprout, which will grow into a money-bearing tree. Nice, huh?

Note that planting a money bag just anywhere will not produce a money tree. It has to be planted in the sparkly special spot.

Hint: Mr. Resetti and Don
If you start a game after resetting the GameCube during play, Mr. Resetti will appear to complain. Repeatedly reset the GameCube to make him more and more angry. Eventually, Mr. Resettis brother Don will appear to take the place of Mr. Resetti.
This is what happens corresponding with the number of times you reset: 1: The first time, he will go "easy" on you and warn you not to reset again. 2: Hell come back and is slightly angry, no harm done. 3-6: Hell be ticked off, watch out, you may get lucky and hell do this for the max 3 times in the stage. 7: Don his brother takes his place. He is nice but dont let him fool you, Mr. Resetti will come back if you reset again. 8-60. Ok, here’s when it gets funny, hell sometimes ask you to write a note, and sometimes hell make the screen go blank for a few seconds. Your last offence, number 61: He makes sure that no one resets again! He makes almost everyone who lives in your town move up. Its rather funny, and they cant move back for about a week. When they do come back they dont want be near you. You are shunned for a about a month.

Constant new year.

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