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Virtua Tennis Cheats for Dreamcast

Virtua Tennis Dreamcast
Genre Sports
Platform Dreamcast
No. of Players 1-4
ESRB esrb e


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Underhand Serve
Press DOWN + A + X when serving from the near court and press UP + A + X when serving from the far court to perform an underhand serve. This is easier said than done however since all three buttons have to be pressed at exactly the same time. Try using the D-pad rather than the analog stick to get it to work and keep at if your having trouble, it is possible. To keep from hitting too weak of a shot only tap all three buttons rather than holding them.

Training Bonuses
Big Wall

1) 35 seconds, 10 large panels
2) 30 seconds, 5 large / 5 small panels
3) 25 seconds, 10 small panels

In the Big Wall exercise, you have to hit the ball into numbered panels on a large wall at center court. This drill emphasizes both shot types as well as precise aiming. Stay a step or two inside of the baseline and use your groundstroke to hit the bottom panels and the lob to knock out the upper ones. You shouldnt have any trouble with this one until level 3, when all of the panels are smaller.

BONUS: Wear No. 22 to those who beat level 3 with 5 seconds remaining.

Bulls Eye

1) 3,500 points
2) 4,500 points
3) 5,500 points

At the Bulls Eye training center your coach will hit 20 balls to you while you work at landing them inside a giant target on the far court. Point values from outer ring to inner are as follows: 50 points, 150 points, 250 points and 500 points. This particular exercise gets easier as you move up in the world rankings. Regardless the level, stay in the rear half of the court and aim for the 250 points ring. By focusing on the bigger target you wont cross your eyes so often and you will occasionally hit the bulls eye. You can rely on the ground stroke to get you through level 1, but switch to the lob shot in the later levels, when the coachs shots are more scattered.

BONUS: Wear No. 23 to those who beat level 3 with 7,000 points.

Cannon Ball

1) 40 seconds
2) 35 seconds
3) 30 seconds

Your sadistic Coach watches from the sidelines during this one. Here, 5 serving machines will fire a continuous stream of balls at you. Your job is to hit the machines with the balls to turn them off. The catch: if a red ball hits your body on e of the machines will turn back on. As you move through the levels in this drill, the frequency of red balls increases, their velocity is greater, and the positioning of the machines changes. Stay on the baseline, watch for those red balls, and when you swing, swing hard! Occasionally the ball will bounce and take out two machines at once.

BONUS: Wear No. 24 to those who beat level 3 with 10 seconds remaining.

Drum Shooter

1) 40 seconds
2) 35 seconds
3) 30 seconds

Drum Shooter challenges your ability to precisely control your lob shot. Eight steel drums are set up on the far court (their orientation will change depending on the level) and you must lob balls hit by your coach into each of them. Stay in the middle of the court and lay off the groundstrokes. The later levels not only allow less time, but the drums are moved closer to the net. To hit the closer ones, hold DOWN on the directional pad when you shoot. And definitely, definitely, dont crowd the net!

BONUS: Wear No. 26 to those who beat level 3 with 10 seconds remaining.

Giant Ball
1) 3 balls
2) 4 balls
3) 6 balls

In each level of Giant Ball, your coach will hit balls to you for 25 seconds. Your job is to use the power of your shot to propel enormous balls beyond the baseline on the far court. Use your devastating groundstroke and try not to let the balls roll up on the net. Also, your first shot is very important. Aim dead center on the ball up front to bounce the rear ones off the court. An awkward shot may land the balls wedged against the wall and the net. That would be bad.

BONUS: Wear No. 28 to those who beat level 3 with 10 seconds remaining.

Pin Crasher
1) 60 points
2) 80 points
3) 100 points

Pin Crasher is one of the most original aspects of this game, is a breeze to beat, and doesnt require a huge explanation. You have 5 "frames" to serve the ball into the pins on the far court. Scoring is done bowling style. Serve it hard into that front pin and watch those puppies topple!

BONUS: Wear No. 27 to those who beat level 3 with a strike in every frame.

Return Ace

1) 6 targets
2) 9 target
3) 12 targets

Return Ace is set to challenge the control you have over your return. Aim for the front target on the opposite side and swing that stick as hard as you can. Your coach will serve 10 balls over the net. Your job is to wail on them. In level 3, a huge shot will see several targets bounce all over the place, knocking each other around.

BONUS: Wear No. 21 to those who beat level 3 in 2 balls.

Smash Box

1) 6 targets, 35 seconds
2) 9 targets, 30 seconds
3) 12 targets, 25 seconds

Like Return Ace, your coach will hit balls over the net to you, while you attempt to knock the targets around. Here, however, you must knock the targets completely off the court to score. Keep near the net and swing hard. But beware! Aiming a smash is a delicate matter. It is very easy to hold the directional pad for too long, resulting in too hard of an angle. Just tap the D-pad when taking the shot.

BONUS: Wear No. 25 to those who beat level 3 with 10 seconds remaining.


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