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Virtua Fighter 3tb Cheats for Dreamcast

Virtua Fighter 3tb Dreamcast
Genre Fighting
Platform Dreamcast
No. of Players 1-2
ESRB esrb t

Play as Silver Dural
Press Start + X + A at the character selection screen.

Play as Gold Dural
Press Start + Y + A at the character selection screen. This this only works in Training mode.

Play as Alphabet Man
To play as Alphabet Man: Select Normal mode. Highlight Akira and press Start. Highlight Lion and press Start. Highlight Pai and press Start. Now pick any character and they will be their Alphabet Man version.

Slow Motion Replay
Press and hold the Dodge button at the "KO" screen to recieve a replay in slow motion.

Play as Dural in any mode
On the character select screen, Press; Down, Up, Right, Left, Start. Dural will appear and she may be selected normally.Press A for silver Dural, press Start+A to play as Gold Dural.

Shuns Snowman
Best used in VS mode...Pick Shun vs any opponent, and select the desert as your background. Heres the tricky part - defeat the opponent, but make sure Shuns back is facing the black part of the sky (the part opposite the sun). If done correctly, when the camera pans around Shun during his win pose, a snowman should appear on the dark side of the background!

Jefferys train
Enter traning mode, select Jeffry as your character and choose anyone as your opponent. Hold the start button while selecting the desert stage (this gives you the desert with a city background). Perform Jefferys Toe Kick-Splash Mountain (Down+K - D,DF,F,Guard+Punch). Shortly after the move is performed, a floating Subway train will fly across the sky. Use the Escape button to move around and find it. You may have to perform the move more than once to get it to work.

Get hit by the subway train
To do this you have to select a character that can turn his back to his opponent fast, then select the Subway stage (Sarahs). When it says "Fight", turn around quickly and RUN towards the TRAIN. If done correctly you will be smashed like a bug. Now you have lost almost all your energy, one more hit and you`re dead.

Remixed Opening Sountrack
To change Opening Soundtrack to where you hear alternate music tracks during the games opening cinemas, yould simply press and hold START on both the first and second player at the screen that shows the sega logo. Keep holding both start buttons until you hear the music begin to play.

More background codes
When selecting a stage, press and hold:

X and then A (usually night)

X+start and then A (usually noon)

Strange Changed Backgrounds
When seclecting a stage, hold START and press A.

In Team Battle Mode, when selecting a stage, hold down START button until time runs out. If you have used the above code, you will need to restart (START+A+B+X+Y), before this code will work.

Play Against the Alphabet Character
To play against the alphabet character in normal mode at the character select screen highlight Akira and press start. Then highlight Lau and press start,finally highlight Pai and hold start and press X. All of your opponents will be replaced by the Alpha bet character.

Pais secret win pose
Using Pai, you must defeat Akira with a perfect on Akiras stage. If done correctly, Pai will blow a kiss and mock one of Akiras victory taunts.

Clean Pause
When the game is paused you see "Player 1 Pause" on the screen. To make it vanish for screenshots or just fun hold down x + Y.

Arcade Backgrounds
In training, normal or team battle mode you can change the backgrounds to the orginal arcade versions by letting the time runout in the stage select screen.

Metal Pan Revenge
Choose VS modeand have a player choose either Kage or Jackie. Have Kage or Jackie defeat his opponent with a perfect. Immediately after the announcer says "K.O", have hold Guard, Punch, Escape, and Down on the contoller, for the victory pose. Your character should give a victory sign, and a metal pan should drop on his head, out of nowhere! This will also work with Jacky.

Alternate Costumes
When you are selecting a character, HOLD the start button before you select your character with button A.

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