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Game Details

Armada Cheats for Dreamcast

Armada Dreamcast
Genre Action RPG
Platform Dreamcast
No. of Players 1-4
ESRB esrb e

Extra Lives Trick
If you are about to run out of lives, have another character join in. By repeating this, you will effectively have several more extra lives.


Allied: -78, 99
Terran: -3408, 2400
Nomad: 2421, 14343
Eldred: 13652, -5886
Scarab: -128, -9822
Drakken: 12421, 7476
Vorgan: -12989, -5788
Gas Mine: 22522, 7334
Secret: -27250, 30780
Extra Base A: -17600, -16300
Extra Base B: 12421, 14672


Dead: 8655, -17822
Desert: -22998, -5327
Gas: 27421, 3284
Ice: -14721, -20311
Infested -31250, 34280
Life: -9408, 6400
Volcanic: 22421, 24511

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