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Fast Money

Bring up cheat mode and enter the "klapaucius" code. The bring up cheat mode again and enter "!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!:!;!" (you may add up to 60 total).


While playing, press [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [ALT] + C, then type the following codes:

Code Result
klapaucius $1000 Simoleons
water_tool Make your home an island surrounded by water
set_hour # Change time of day to # (1-24)
set_speed # Game speed to # (-1000 to +1000)
interests Change personality and interests of your Sims
autonomy # Change how Sims think on their own (1-100)
grow_grass # Grow grass # (1-150)
map_edit on/off Edit the map
route_balloons on/off Basic tutorial on/off
sweep on/off Shows ticks of the game
tile_info on/off Show or hide tile info
log_mask Set event logging mask
draw_all_frames on/off Draw all frames on and off
! Repeat last cheat
; Separate multiple cheat commands

Garbage Bag of Holding

In the early stages of The Sims life time is often wasted emptying the trash and bringing it to the curb. I found that if you fill the cheap 30 simolian trash barrel you can order your sim to empty it and just as they remove the bag cancel the order. Then order them to pick up the mess that they just made and they will return the full bag to an empty barrel, which will now be empty. Do this every time it fills and trash need never be brought outside to the curb again. This saves a lot of time.

Paying the Bills

Simply keep a bill, unpaid, until the mail carrier delivers the next set. When your flag is up (your mailbox being full of-- what else, more bills), pay the first one (i.e., bring it out to the mailbox.) When you do this, the newer bills disappear. Using this cheat, you will only have to pay every other bill, instead of every one.

Building a Castle in the Clouds

Large second-floor extensions to a house, or even an entire house in the air, can be built totally unsupported by the following method. First, lay out a complete ground layer of pillars. You'll need lots to form a surface to build on. Next build your second-floor home on top of these pillars. It's important that you do ALL the structural work at this point; get all the walls placed and floors put in. Don't forget the stairs! Next, simply switch to the ground floor, and delete all the pillars. The house will remain standing, completely unsupported by anything except thin air! Voila! A castle in the clouds for your Sims!

Raise Sims Mood Bars

When using the move_object cheat you can restore your Sims mood bars by getting your Sim to sit in a chair, pausing the game and deleting the chair that your Sim is in. Your Sim will disappear. Unpause the game and click on your Sims face icon and your Sim will reappear with some restored bars.

Money cheat for patch version

If you downloaded the patch update for the sims the new money cheat is ROSEBUD and after you do the cheat to get more simoleons still enter the !; after you do all of the !; you can on the cheat line highlight it and press Ctrl and the letter x (ctrl x) this will cut the text then bring up the cheat bar again and this time press (ctrl v)this will past the cheat back into the cheat box do this as many times as yoou want and you can tell Regis I want to be a Millionaire and I'm going to be. Enjoy being rich!

Teleporting Maid

If you have a maid, build walls around her so she cannot escape the box. Wait for a little bit and she will be teleported away.

Catch the Burgler

When a burgler comes to rob your sims stuff go into build mode and build a fence around him. Then have the cops come and when they arrive near the burgler, delete the fence.

The Magic Genie

Go to the miscellaneous thing in the buy mode. And buy the Antiqe Lamp and a small stand to put it on. Then place it somewhere in the house. Then tell an adult housemate to clean it. They will start to rub it and shake it. Then smoke will come out of the tip of the Antiqe Lamp. Then you wil see a Genie come out and he'll ask some stuff and say what you want.

NOTE: This can only be done once in a while and can not be done by a child.
NOTE2: Be carefull what you wish for.

No Bills

1. While playing the game, press Ctrl, Shift, and C at the same time. A box should appear in the upper lefthand corner.

2. Type "move_objects on" in the box.

3. Press F3 to go to build mode and then select the hand tool.

4. Click on the mailbox in front of your Sim's house and drag it to the bottom of the screen to delete it.

5. Voila! With your mailbox gone, you will never recieve any bills !

Nude Sims

First you enter the move objects code by pressing Ctrl + Shift + C. Then type in move_objects on. When a Sim gets in the shower, bathtub, jakoozie, etc. (when there is no blur affect), you simply pause the game and click on the shower, bathtub, jakoozie, etc. Then you just move it.

Free Snacks

Tell one of your sims to get a snack from the fridge. Once your sim has opened the fridge door, click on the icon of the fridge in the top right corner so a red cross goes over the icon. Your sim will take out the snack then put it on the floor. You shall not be charged for the snack so you can now tell your sim to eat the snack on the floor.

Let's See If Social Services Can Take Your Baby

If you have a baby and you don't treat it well, a lady from Social Services will threaten come and take your baby. When the woman from Social Services comes to take your baby, press Ctrl+Shift+C. This will make a toolbar at the top left side of your screen. When this toolbar shows up, type in the "move_objects on" cheat, then press enter. After you have done this, you go to building mode and click on the hand tool. Then you click on the Social Services woman with the hand and press delete. When you delete her, look at the baby cradle. It should turn into a new baby and you can give your new baby a new name!

Note: You wont have the same baby as before too.

Aquiring jobs and other things easily

1.) To get a selection of Jobs:

Buy a $999 Computer, search for your Job, and sell it after searching and getting a job...If you dont like them, Sell it, and buy it again tomorrow. This means you get all $999 back from the Computer.

2.) To get rid of unwanted rubbish/water spillages, or unwanted trees etc outside of your land, do the Following :

Hold Ctrl + Shift + C down. Let go, and Type in the box ; move_objects on...Pick up the Item, and drag as you would to the delete bar...Then, to turn it off : Hold Ctrl + Shift + C down. Let go, and Type in the box ; move_objects off.This should reset the Normal Mode...(This also means that while the cheat is active, you can build and plant trees outside your area too.)

3.) To get rid of Mail and Newspapers :

Hold Ctrl + Shift + C down. Let go, and Type in the box ; move_objects on...Click on the Mailbox, and Delete.To de-activate, Hold Ctrl + Shift + C down. Let go, and Type in the box ; move_objects off. This should reset the Normal Mode.

Increase your money easily

After typing in klapaucius at the cheat dialog (which is opened using Ctrl + Shift + C) you can type ! and ; as many times as you wish to repeat the money grabbing cheat.

However to save you having to type everything again, after finishing the !;!;... line, make any error and when you press enter the message 'Soory No such cheat' comes up. However the money still goes up and you stay in the dialog box. So you just keep pressing Enter.

Free Maid Service

If you want somebody to clean up after you, but don't wanna pay for it, try this. Press ctrl, shift, c. Type move_objects on in the grey box. Then call the maid over. When she's cleaned up enough, click build and select the hand tool. Drag the maid to the bottom of the screen where she will be deleted. She will not come the next day. You have to call her again in the morning.

Labritory Potions

Go to buy mode and get the labritory then tell your sims to "Make Potion" then later you will see little bottles and they will have color in them tell your sim to drink it.

Here are the color potion codes:

Blue Potion: Refiles mode for Both sims.
Note: Doesn't wear of.

Red Potion: Love Potion for both sims.
Note: Doesn't wear of.

Purple Potion: Turns both sims into monsters
Note: The monster will look at everything and will break you can't control it and this will wear off later and sim will be normal.

Orange Potion: Turns both sims invisible
Note: Potion will wear off.

Yellow Potion: Both of their Personality will be inversed.
Note: Doesn't wear of.

Green Potion: Makes an evil clone out of women and makes men really mad.
Note: Doesn't wear of for men but it does for women.

Indoor Swimming Pool

If you want your sims to enjoy a luxurious indoor swimming pool, delete a single wall panel so that the spot for your pool is open to the outdoors. The game considers any area in that room to be outside. Place the pool and then seal off the swimming pool room.

Garbage Can

For this cheat you must have the move objects cheat on wich is also described in other cheats. Simply take the Big Garbage Can that is outside of your house and put it inside. That way you dont need to buy a garbage can and walk outside to throw the garbage away but just immediatly throw it in the big one wich you just placed inside. That way you save some time.

Refresh your sim

If your energy, hunger, hygiene, comfort, social or anything else is low, here is a way to boost it up. Click on buy mode or press F2 then hold Ctrl, Shift and C at the same time and a black box which you are able to type in will appear in the top left hand corner. Click on the box and type in:

move_objects on

After you type that in the box press enter. Now you can move anything in the house including your sim. Click on your sim that you would like to refresh then press your delete button. That will delete your sim for the moment. Click on Live Mode or F1 to continue your game. Your sim will have a red dot on its picture so just double click on the picture and your sim will appear at the front door.

Magic Crystals

Note: this will only work if you have the expansion pack, The Sims Makin' Magic

When you have 1000 or 1500 magicoins, move your family into a Creepy Hollow lot (I don't know if it works on a regular neighbourhood house). A Creepy Hollow lot is in Magic Town. Keep casting lots of spells and you may get some of the following: Magic Toadstools, A Magic Beanstalk, Gnawed Roots and Magic Crystals. Magic Crystals are really good. You can learn Spook, Hand Buzzer, Fire extinguisher and about 5 more.

Choosing the gender of your baby

When your baby gets born and the gender isn't the gender you had planned it to be you get a person from the family to hold (play, feed or sing) to the baby. You then delete the person holding the baby (be sure to save first) and you baby crib should reappear. the gender may change (you may have to try several times) (you delete the person holding the baby by using the "move_objects on" cheat) Good luck! P.S. don't delete the baby a few days after because it might not work and starts the three days all over again!

Art Dealer

If you buy artwork and wait a few Sim weeks, some of them will increase in value. You can resell them for profits!

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