Cheat codes for Half-Life

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Parameter Codes

To enter these codes you must edit the Half-Life icon on your START menu.

Right-click on the START icon on the Windows task bar.
Click on OPEN.
Find the Half-Life icon and right-click on it.
Add the desired parameter to the end of the field that says TARGET or CMD_LINE. For example, to enable developer's mode you would change the line to read: "C:SierraHalf-Lifehl.exe -dev"
Without further ado, we bring you the codes:

Enables the console. To access it, press tilde (~) while playing. See "Console Codes" for information on using the console.

Developer's mode. Enables the console and displays debugging information while playing. Useful if you're having technical difficulties and want to find out why.

-heapsize x
Tells Half-Life how much RAM (memory) it can use. For example, if you want it to use 32Mb of RAM then enter the parameter "-heapsize 32768". CAUTION! Do not request more memory than your computer has.

Skip the introduction movies.

Removes the D.U.N. box for playing on LAN's (local area networks.) Remove this command whenever playing on the internet. If you don't you won't be able to play on-line.

Use this if you receive an IPX error when playing on a LAN.

Replace's the Half-Life server browser's "green dot" latecy info with real numbers. Only available in v1.0.0.8 or later.

Start Half-Life in window instead of fullscreen.

Immediately loads the console when Half-Life starts.

Disables Direct Sound and plays SFX in wav files. Try this if your sound card stutters or you don't have DirectSound drivers.
Quick Weapon Reload
First of all, this only works for weapons with slow reload times, like the magnum and the tranquilizer crossbow. Upon running out of ammo in your clip, you will begin to reolad your weapon. If you want to fire faster, simply changes your weapon while in the reloading animation, and then switch back to the weapon you want to use, and realoading will be complete.

Console Codes

To enable these codes, use the -dev parameter as explained under "Parameter Codes". To use these codes, press tilde (~) while playing, then enter the desired code:
/god - God mode
/god 0 - Disable god mode
/noclip - Walk through walls and virtual flight
/map C#A# - Level select. Entered levels in the form C1A1, C1A2, Etc.
Healing Waters
If you're low on health, dive into the nearest safe water (not toxic waste) and stay submerged until the O2 warning flashes. Immediately surface and you'll gain 10-15 health.

All weapons

After doing the console codes, start the game and open the console and type impulse 101.This will give you all weapons, but not all items.

All weapons

When playing press ` (the button below esc) to bring up the console.(see cheat above/below-it's here somewhere anyway!)
Then type the following for the desired weapon:

give weapon_9mmhangun - 9mm handgun
give weapon_357 - magnum 357
give weapon_mp5 - mp5
you get the picture- just type;
give weapon_whatever
here is a full list of the weapons:
crossbow, rpg, gauss, egon, satchel, shotgun and grenades. (apparently- I haven't got the grenades cheat to work)

Get A 9mm AR Automatic Weapon & Grenades

Activate the console, then type /give weapon_9mmAR and then press "enter". That gives you an automatic 9mm AR weapon. To get grenades also, type /give ammo_ARgrenades (AFTER you have got the 9mm AR) and then press "enter". You will now have an automatic 9mm AR with grenades.

Change Your Character

Firstly, activate the console. Then, start up the game and go to Multiplayer. Then, go to Customize. Then, change your player model. Then, play the game and bring up the console and type in the third person command into the console. You will now see that your player has turned into the player model of your choice!

Third Person

Firstly, activate the console. Then, by pressing ` during your game you will bring up the console. Type in /thirdperson into the console. You can now play Half-Life in the third person instead of the first person.

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