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You want the girl. You want the ride. You want to discipline the streets with extreme prejudice. And all the while you want the governor to cut million dollar checks to cover all the damage youre going to cause getting there.

Those are some lofty ambitions, but it can be done. With IGN Guides in the passenger seat, youll learn the apexes, hairpins, chicanes, and all the other weird-sounding places of Need for Speed: Most Wanteds numerous tracks. And when the whirling dervishes of Rockports finest come in to bust up the party, you can evade them with almost supernatural intuition. With out help, youre going to be the most wanted, most notorious street racing criminal in Rockports history.

In this Need for Speed Most Wanted strategy guide, youll find:

  • Basics: Discover the physics of Need for Speed: Most Wanted and strategies for success in every mode.
  • Tracks: A screenshot-intensive guide to the roads of Rockport.
  • Career Mode: Find out who youre up against and what challenges theyve set down for you.
  • Secrets: Every car revealed, along with some codes for your cheatin heart.

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Unlockable Burger King Challenge
Input UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT on the Press Start screen.

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