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The year is 2010. Youve finally obtained a copy of "The World", the best selling massively multiplayer online role playing game around. Your friend, Yasuhiko, introduces you to "The World" and the adventure begins...

After your cyber-character Kite finishes up his tutorial, an apparition appears before Kite and Orca (Yasuhikos cyber alias). Orca is slain and youre about to be next until someone saves you. You begin a quest to take revenge.. and find some answers.

Luckily, IGN Guides will help to make your cyber travels easier. Inside this guide, youll find:

Great tips to help you get a handle on game basics and start your adventure on the right foot.

  • A full walkthrough, including boss fight tips.
  • Information about items and scrolls.
  • A full list of skills, and explanation of Data Drain.
  • A helpful trade list that details what you can trade to whom.
  • Much, much more!

This is only the first game in a series of four. Look to IGN Guides when the other installments come out for all of your walkthrough needs.

Hint: Gold and Silver Axes
If you want to get a golden or silver axe, warp to a stage with a mysterious pool of water. You can throw in armor or weapons for level up, or recieve a free golden or silver axe.

To get the axes, take any weapon or armor and throw it in the pool. A water drop monster will come out and ask you if you want a gold axe, a silver axe, or neither. Say, "Neither".

If the weapon or armor you throw in hasnt reached a certain level, the monster will upgrade it; however, if your weapon cant grow any more, you will get a free gold and silver axes as well as get your item back.

This trade works better if you throw in a silver or golden axe in the first place and tell him you lost neither. A great way to build up your gold/silver axe stockpile, sell it for money, repeat . . .

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