Cheat codes for Marc Eckos Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure

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Cheat Mode
Platform: Playstation 2

From the Menu, select Options > Codes. Enter any of the following cheat codes. Enter the code again to disable.

Code - Result:

IPULATOR - Unlock All Levels
NINESIX - Unlock All Legends
GRANDMACELIA - Unlock All iPod Songs
FLIPTHESCRIPT - Activate Infinite Skillz
MARCUSECKOS - Activate Infinite Health
VANCEDALLISTER - Max Out Skills Meter
BABYLONTRUST - Max Out Health Meter
STATEYOURNAME - Unlock All Beat Down Characters
WORKBITCHES - Unlock All Beat Down Arenas
SHARDSOFGLASS - Unlock All Black Book Graffiti
DOGTAGS - Unlock All Combat Upgrades
SIRULLY - Unlock All Concept Art
DEXTERCROWLEY - Unlock All Movies

Unlockable chapters in Browse mode
Platform: Playstation 2

To unlock the following chapters in Browse mode, complete the following.

"Auld Lang Syne" chapter in Browse mode.
Complete "The Blimp Roof" level in story mode.

"The Revolution Will Be Televised" chapter in Browse mode.
complete the "Bridge Docking Station" level in story mode.

"A Game of Cat and Mouse" chapter in Browse mode
complete the "Subway Platform" level in story mode.

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