Cheat codes for Pac Pack, The

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First press F8 to open the menu. Go into File then Jump to Level.Password Result

1 - Go to level 1
2 - Go to level 2
3 - Go to level 3
4 - Go to level 4
khan - Go to the last scene in the game

Destroy Spawners on Level 1 of Pac-Gal
As you start the level go down the first passage east. When you hit the wall go up to the next block and pass through it. Now go south, then east, then touch the dynamite.

Full Ammo On Level 1 of Pac-Guy
On the first level of Pac-Guy or Pac-Guy: Resurrection, look to the left of where you start. There are three blocks, then a space you can actually move onto, then a fourth block. This fourth block is a fake. Walk through it to end up outside of the level. there will be a flashing square in this outer area. Grab it and your ammo will be full.

Full Ammo On Level 10 of Pac-Guy
The block directly left of the full ammo power-up is hollow. Go through it to reach the power-up.

Full Ammo On Level 11 of Pac-Guy
Pass through the block three places down and four or five to the right of your starting point to get through to the full ammo power-up.

full Ammo On Level 2 of Pac-Guy
When playing the second level of Pac-Guy or Resurrection, look for a block that is lighter then the others. The block two down from this discolored one is hollow. Go through it to get to the outer part of the level, where youll see a flashing square. Picking it up will give you full ammo.

Full Ammo On Level 3 of Pac-Guy
Look for the flashing square. Look at the block farthest to the right from this square. Walk through this block to end up on the outside of the maze. Then grab the flashing square mentioned earlier to max out your ammo.

Full Ammo On Level 5 of Pac-Guy
There is a block with a thin black outline around it. the blocks two blocks to the left of this one is hollow. Go through it to get to the flashing square that will max out your ammo.

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