Cheat codes for 101st Airborne In Normandy

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Cheat mode:
Enter one of the following codes during gameplay:

Result - Code:

All soldiers on the map available - Weasel
Unlimited lives - Iwillsurvive
Kill all Germans on map - YouGoSquishNow or Helllive
All Germans on map surrender - Ihaveyounow
Kill all cows on map - Beef
Berserk solidiers - Robocop3
Soldiers jump again into Normandy - AirNormandy
Food given to soldiers - AngryManDinners
View all Germans, equipment bags, and building interiors - Iknow
Current soldier surrenders - TraitorTraitor
No parachutes - PrisonPod
GI given new MG-42 with two belts of ammo - Hohoho

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