Cheat codes for N-Gage (hardware)

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Play FloBoarder:
Press Menu and select the jigsaw puzzle piece. Select "No" to play the FloBoarder game without previously registering on a GPRS service. Note: This can only be done on phones with the 32MB memory card featuring a woman with a snowboard.

Change the background:
Turn on your N-Gage and wait for it to load, Then, press Menu. When the menu appears, scroll to "Tools". After the tools screen appears, select "Settings", then"Devices", then "Standby Mode", and "Background Image". Select it to switch the background off, then switch it back on. When you put it back on, you can chose one of the pictures that comes with the N-Gage, or one from a MMC card to use as a background. Note: Use the T-Mobile card that comes with it to login to on your N-Gage, save all the pictures on the site to your N-Gage or MMC card, then you can later use them as backgrounds.

Alternate starting sounds:
Hold Z + L + R + Start and turn on the N-Gage to hear childrens music following by a"boing" sound.

Display Bluetooth device address:
Press *#2820# on the device.

Display the firmware operating system version:
Press *#0000# on the device.

Display serial number and IMEI:
Press *#06# on the device.

Reset all settings:
Press *#7780# on the device.

Soft format/erase phone memory:
Press *#7370# on the device.
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