Cheat codes for V-Rally 3

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Realistic physics
Enter the following code as a name:WHEEL REAL

Reverse tracks
Unlock all four tracks in a rally to unlock their corresponding reverse tracks.

Stretched cars
Enter the following code as a name:Gonzales SPEEDY

Flat cars
Enter the following code as a name:21051975 PTITDAV

Jelly cars
Enter the following code as a name:07121974 FERGUS

Unlock Corolla
Set record times in all circuit races.

Unlock Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI
Come first in the 1.6L championship with career mode.

Small Cars
Enter your name as 01041977 BIGJIM.

Africa track
Go to the Africa track with the railroad and turn right when you get to the railroad. Follow it along until you reach the checkpoint and it should shave off quite a few seconds.

Car selection screen
Hold yellow stick left or right at the car selection menu to open doors. Hold yellow stick up to pop the hood. Hold yellow stick down to pop the trunk.

Unlock SEAT Cordoba Repsol
Finish the entire game with challenge mode.

Unlock Subaru Impreza 2000
Win the 2Litre championship in career mode.

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